Friday, July 31, 2009

What I did in a month!

Okay, the month is over and I just know you are all wondering what I could do in a month. I mentioned being a better physically healthy person and I can't say that I think that happened so much. I did take my asthma medication in timely matter, but I did not lose any weight. I really didn't try either. Those darn Tastefully Simple boxes showed up at my door! :) However, I worked out about seven times, which should have been more. I also saw two doctors (the dentist and had that fun colonoscopy doctor), so I think that counts for something?! But here's what REALLY matters...what I did with friends and family....
I went to Raette's lake house twice to hang out with friends (who happen to be co-workers too!)
I watched a cutie take a nap! How peaceful (in more ways than one)!
I went to a parade with my family along with other 4th of July festivities!
Acted silly with my husband...and no, he wasn't intoxicated. Hmmm...maybe should have thought twice before posting this picture?! He's going to love that I did!
I grew beautiful finger nails out and if you know me well I never have nails!
I visited 11 scrapbooking stores for a contest that I didn't win! I still had fun and toured six of the stores with my Mom!
I spent time at the zoo and watched Grant feed the goats! Funny sight!
I met the famous and much talked about Thomas the Train!
I watched my DD take first place at the Cornhusker State Games!
And I, unfortunately, watched my DS flirt with the girls in the bikinis at the pool! Ugh! I am not ready for that! Notice Grant is watching and learning well from big brother!

Oh, I will also be posting pics this afternoon from the photo contest that I participated in this month. I didn't do so well with that. I am definitely an amateur!


Mamma has spoken said...

Hey you had a fun month and that's all that matters. As for the last picture, it made me chuckle, they do learn from their older brother!

Mindee said...

And that last picture shows exactly why I won't let my teenager get a bikini. :)

Jill said...

Nice nails! I wish I could grow 'em like that.