Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Many people think I'm lucky to have the "summer" off to enjoy my children and for the most part they are right except for days like today. Today is one of those kinds of days where I long to be back in my classroom with my eighteen kiddos on a schedule. Where you know that you'll be teaching Math for 70 minutes and the day goes much as planned.

Schedules are wonderful.

Really, they are.
Then there are unscheduled days where I spend the morning at Vacation Bible School (VBS), drop Tyler off at the pool by one and then take Madison to the doctor to figure out what's wrong with her hands. Don't even get me started about Grant's behavior at VBS. That's another blog story.

You see, Madison has had raw, red finger tips for two weeks now. All 10 fingers are missing layers of skin, cracked and sensitive. I've tried numerous topical creams which have helped to no avail. Madison has slept every other night for two weeks wearing gloves (the winter kind) on her hands after I've coated them with large amounts of Aquaphor.

Really, I have no clue why her fingers are so fiery red, sore and bleeding. I am perplexed.

So finally, I decided to cough up the $30 co-pay and see what the doctor says. Madison is complaining that it's painful to use her hands, so it's now necessary.

And guess what....The doctor has no idea either. She said that if it was a fungus, it would have spread. She asked Madison if she touched something hot or something she wasn't suppose to touch and now's the time to confess. Still Madison can't think of anything she would have possibly handled. What I wonder is...if she did touch something, how is it possible it's on every finger, right in the center and above the first knuckle of each tip? The spot that you'd get finger printed at the police station.

Madison could possibly live a life of crime now that she probably no longer has fingerprints, but that too is another blog story.


So, the doctor asked another doctor and they decided to treat it as if it is a burn. The cream is very expensive, so the doctor frosted and bandaged her hands like this (which, I've fixed twice now in the last 2 hours)...
The doctor wants Madison to wear the bandages for 24 hours to see how she responds to this expensive burn cream. If it works, I'll have to buy the pricey, burn cream. If not, we will try another method.

Really, wear the bandages for a day and to VBS? Doesn't she know we do Arts and Crafts?

I then asked the doctor how is Madison suppose to use the bathroom. Her response, "You will have to help her."

I'm ready to go back to work. Really!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two Drips in a Big Drop

Yesterday was World Blood Donor Day, so I forced Andy go with me to a parking lot at a local community college to form the biggest human blood drop. Andy's cousin, Janelle, works for the Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB) and they were sponsoring the event. That's how I heard about it. NCBB gave out bottles of water, red shirts and lottery tickets to participants.

They were hoping to form the largest ever recorded, but I don't think they quite made it. I believe 1,000 participants were needed to break the past record. I do know that it is very hot to stand in the middle of the drop. Can you see us?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recipe Swap, Anyone?

I find cooking in the summer almost impossible. Well, I actually find cooking anytime of the year undesirable. I don't like the added heat in the house and most nights we need something quick and on the go. I am thinking if I share one of my tried, tested and tasty recipes, then you'll want to share one right back. Correct? You can just post your recipe under the comments or if it's really long and easier to give to me just send it through my email, which is Okay? Great! It's a deal! And if you like, I'll even try it and post it here. Just remember keep it simple....I only understand easy cooking concepts.

Bistro Chicken with Parmesan
3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 cups cooked Penne pasta
1 cup diced cherry tomatoes
1 cup parmesan cheese
1/2 cup Italian salad dressing
1 TBSP Basil
1/4 cup chopped red onion
1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes

Grill chicken and cut into cubes or strips
Mix chicken and all ingredients together

Serve warm or chilled.
Serve with garlic bread or lettuce salad.

ps. This is an all-time favorite at our house. I like that it's good served warm or cold. Andy likes to take it in his lunch for work and I like that it's ready to eat anytime.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Book Suggestions?

Now that summer is here, I am looking for some good reading material to entertain myself while waiting on kids at swim lessons. I was hoping to find a new series of books to get into.

This is what I "sunk my teeth into" last year. (pun intended)
I loaned out my Twilight book and can't remember to who, so that's why it's missing in the photo. I also just finished "The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner", which is a great quick read right before the launching of the new Eclipse movie. That Stephenie Meyer is one smart lady who writes some awesome books. I enjoy that whole "love triangle" concept. Go, team Edward!
I just finished reading this series, if you call it one. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I really thought it was funny too...laughing out loud kind of funny. I'll just chalk it up to being a Kindergarten teacher. I'm ready for the next one to hit the store shelves, so is Madison. Tyler told me that they are juvenile. Really...what does he know?
I've even read this series, minus the last two novels. I was a little tired of the wizarding world.

As you can see, my read ability levels have gone down, so I need some suggestions. I'm a sucker for children's literature.

Any must reads out there?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fishin' on a Sunday Afternoon

All of Tyler's ballgames were cancelled due to wet, saturated fields, so we had some nice family time together. I said we needed to find some "free fun". We narrowed it down to bicycling or fishing. I am still feeling the pain from yoga, so I opted for fishing. Sitting and reading a book in a lounge chair with camera in hand is just my style! Notice, no photos of me! Happy day!
I was reading and set it down to take this picture.
Tyler gave up swimming at the pool with friends to spend time with us, not that it was really an option, but I appreciated that he did not complain.
I just love those freckles!
It's hard to get a picture of Grant looking at me when he's focused on an activity.
There's nothing cuter than a 3 yr. old fishing, except maybe a 2 yr. old.
This heron was the only one catching anything, for a while.
Then after an hour or so, we got lucky!
The kids were catching a couple dozen Sunfish. Nothing big, but it's the catching that makes it worthwhile, not the size of the fish.
What parent allows a toddler to bait a hook? I'll admit, he is pretty good at it. I guess it's the third child thing...anything goes.
He can even take his own fish off the hook. He's a pro at this! Grant announced, "Mom, it's bweeding from it's mouff."
I'm glad he's still willing to give them a farewell kiss good-bye!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Three Seamstresses

I saw this cute idea on one of my favorite crafting blogs and knew that I needed one for the summer. Okay...four of them to be exact. In fact, I got so ambitious that I bought the beach towels, terry cloth material and thread to create the lounge chair beach towel covers and then I fizzled out on getting it done. I planned on giving two away for Madison's friend's upcoming birthday parties. So, I had to finish this project. I cut the material, pinning it in place and then my super, duper husband came to the rescue....
reluctantly helping me.
Then Tyler decided to sew the side pocket.
I'm sure this one will soon follow.
I live with three wonderful men!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Uninvited Guests

Only one week off of work and I am already experiencing some uninvited guests...birds. Yes, much to my disliking, I have a nest under my backyard deck. This isn't the first time for these fine, feathered friends to take shelter at my residence, so I've installed action figures to prevent them from building their nests. I've tried Spiderman, Mr. Incredible and Superman, which all had success in past summers.
This year I used the ever, so popular Shrek guy. As you can see, they must have heard about his recent movie. He's actually part of their nest.
I guess Robins aren't afraid of ogres. Bummer!
At least, it's not those awful dive-bombing Barn Swallows, so the nest can stay.