Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Hope you had a fun filled night! I've taken an absence from blogging only because I've been busy with school, report cards, the dreaded flu bug and our vacation. I do have a lot to blog about including Grant's birthday, my birthday, our Disney trip, Halloween, etc. Maybe with the extra hour tomorrow (Daylight Savings Time), I'll get some of those photos up and running, but I doubt it. Tomorrow is Sunday School teaching, Madison's volleyball game and getting my classroom ready for next week! Oh, the joys of a busy life! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Days 281-285

Monday, October 5th - We had such a beautiful sunrise that I thought that really should be my photo of the day!
Tuesday, October 6th - I realized I don't have any pictures of my kids doing their homework. How silly of me!!! They are really good at doing their homework without any nagging. I love that!
Wednesday, October 7th - Andy willingly came to my classroom and changed the blade in my Cricut for me. I could do it, but why not make the husband feel useful?!
Thursday, October 8th - Sorry for the repeat picture, but Grant playing with Barbie dolls was the best POTD that I could find.
Friday, October 9th - It's Friday night and my boys are playing computer games. Grant loves to sit on laps and play games. It's very sweet of Tyler to let him too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Dedicated Daughter

I just have to share this conversation I had with Madison last night. She's been out of school for one day with what appears to be the same flu bug that I have. Madison did not have school on Monday since it was a teacher work day, so she's now on day two of no school. She looks like she's on the mend, so hopefully we can send her tomorrow. I just have to laugh at her spunk and enthusiasm for school. I was the type of child that didn't worry about the amount of work that I missed, instead enjoyed having the day off and watching The Price is Right with Bob.

Madison: "Mom, I just took my temperature and it's 97.9. That means I can go to school tomorrow.

Me: "Sorry, you have to be fever-free for 24 hours before returning. That's the school's policy."

Madison: "What? I can't miss another day of school!"

Me: "That's the rules. You will be fine missing just one more day."

Madison: (She starts to cry.) "Mom, do you know how much homework I'll have if I'm gone another day?"

Me: "I'll call your teacher and get your work for you."

Madison: "Mrs. Weatherholt lives in Seward. How are you going to get ahold of her?"

Me: "I'm not going to call her at home. I'll call her at work tomorrow."

Madison: "I need my spelling words to study. The test is on Friday and I am not going to have enough time to practice."

Me: "Don't worry! It will be all right. Lots of kids are out with this same bug you have."

Madison: "Mom, I NEED those spelling words!"

Me: "Alright!"

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ramblings of an Ill Person

I am sick.

I don't feel good. I have the chills, aches and a fever. I am not going to work. I think I know where I got this bug from since I had six students out with it last week in my classroom. I don't know what it is....H1N1 or the common flu, but I am ill.

Here's what I do know.....If you call the doctor's office they are not sympathetic to my cause. After I made five phone calls to my Asthma doctor's office, they told me that it could be H1N1 and I need to call my Family Physician. This seemed like a good place to call since my lungs ache and I am coughing up junk. I guess not.

I then took some Tylenol today for my 102 degree temp. and I dropped one on the floor. Not being too quick on my feet, my dog, Ranger, ate it. I called the veterinary clinic and they were very helpful. They seemed sympathetic to that cause. Maybe, just maybe I should call back and tell them about my symptoms and the fact that I am going to Disney World in a few short days. I need to be well. Do you suppose I'd be their first human patient? Just wondering.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Barbie vs Bratz

First I like to preface that my nine year old daughter has two totes full of fashion dolls shown in the pictures below. I can't recall even one time that she's ever played with them. Some of them are brand new, some are still in their original boxes and some are hand me downs, which show a little wear, but not on Madison's part.

This leads me to a topic that I am very unfamiliar with. Not something that I talk about since I am apparently raising a tomboy. Not something that I'd probably ever talk about, until now....

Last week I overheard a conversation between two women at a ballgame that went something like this...

"I won't allow my daughter to play with those ugly Bratz dolls." The other woman stated, "Yeah, I won't let me daughter have them either. I think they are trashy." Then they began to talk about their own beloved childhood and their passion for Barbie dolls. I really wanted to know more on why Bratz dolls are so taboo at their household, but a Barbie doll would be acceptable. I so wanted to interrupt and ask, but I just couldn't. Call me naive, but I really don't see much of a difference between the two. This made me ponder about these popular and highly debated dolls, so I did a little research.
Barbie dolls entered the world in March 1959, designed by a woman whose daughter, Barbie, had a love for adult style paper dolls. This is how Barbies came to be. Really....I'd love to look this good at fifty! Okay, I'd love to look this good now!

Anyway, I wish I could have asked my late Grandmother what she thought about Barbie? I guess my mom would have been a young teenager when Barbie debuted, so she may never have given it a second thought. I'm still guessing there were moms out there that did make a similar comment like the ballgame moms.
Bratz dolls were first released in June of 2001, which they didn't get much attention until the following Christmas of 2002, when their popularity took hold. Now, like Barbies...millions of these dolls have been sold. In 2006, a toy analyst indicated that Bratz dolls captured about 40% of the fashion doll market while Barbie had the remaining 60%. Barbie fans...good news after fifty years she still has it! When I look at a Barbie, I often think that her body image is really unrealistic. However, one with the right kind of funds can re-create a similar body image with plastic surgery. Would this not maybe cause a girl to have a negative self-image of herself? I'd love to have her flawless skin and that waist! Let's not forget that chest....okay. Enough said!
When I look at a Bratz doll, I think well, she really does not have any features that are realistic..those puffy lips, enlarged eyes. It doesn't matter how much plastic surgery one can have, there's no way to increase the head size to make the body look tinier, let alone make the eyes over half the size of the head. Of course, with multiple plastic surgeries the nose is possible, just remember the King of Pop! I can't imagine that any girl would truly want to look like this. She's much too fiction like. I can't see where there would be much of any negative body image projected here?!
Maybe the ballgame moms don't like a male Bratz doll that has a "man purse"? Could it be that the name "Bratz" alone is offensive? Maybe it's because their lower legs pop off to change their shoes, which is creepy? Or maybe it has something to do with their lifestyle choices? Barbie can be a teacher, nurse, movie star, model, veterinarian, while the Bratz doll is stuck in adolescence indefinitely. Who knows? Any insight on this? Or who cares?

Here's the one thing that I DO know......
My soon-to-be three year old son, is enthralled by them. It was like having Christmas tonight when we located the two boxes of them at the back of Madison's closet!

He even said....."Mommy, my Barbie!" I guess he likes Barbies better than Bratz dolls too!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Days 276-280

I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride! Life is incredibly busy and no time to blog a good story or at least one that I think is any good to tell. :)
Wednesday, September 30th - I caught Tyler hanging up clean shirts. I loved the look he gave me.
Thursday, October 1st - I have the house all decorated for Halloween. It's my favorite holiday to decorate for. There's just nothing like the colors orange and black! Here is one of my favorite Fall decorations....rustic looking and made by a local crafter here in Lincoln. Primitive decor isn't my "look", but I do like these darling little fellows!
Friday, October 2nd - It's time for the fifth annual Campbell Walk-a-thon. The weather was bitterly cold. I didn't know it was going to be this cold or I would have bundled Maddy and I with heavier clothing. Madison is walking with friend Emma and her teacher, Mrs. W., is in the background. Despite the cold temps, it was well attended by friends and families of Campbell kids!
Saturday, October 3rd - It's SCC's Scrapfest again and my friend, Angie Ertz, celebrated her birthday with us at the Crop. We made her feel extra special with a tiara, boa and blonde wig. She looked "stunning" with her princess garb on. Angie even had gifts all day long to open from her sweet SIL. What a terrific 39th birthday! I don't know how she could possibly top this one next year with the Big 4-0?!
Sunday, October 4th - My original plan was to post a picture of Madison's first volleyball game, but those gym pictures never look nice, which has something to do with the lighting. So, I snapped this one after Tyler's ballgame (which they lost 6-12) and I just couldn't resist this sweet gesture. Tyler is one wonderful big brother! How endearing!