Saturday, January 31, 2009

Which would you pick?

Every morning I open my cupboard door and look at my's always some kind of sugary cereal and then it's my high in fiber cereal that's been recommended by a doctor for me to consume.  I won't go into specifics...but when you get older you need something to get you going or to keep up with the pace you once had!  So with that being said, I need to eat my Fiber One cereal everyday to get at least 35% of my daily intake.  

When I am chewing my high in fiber cereal, I think of Junie B. Jones (who I read a lot to my kindergarteners) when she says, "Fibers are good for you, they won't get you all jazzied up".  Well...most days I can honestly eat my fibers, but when we have Reece's Puffs...oh, I can hardly stand it!  I secretly (well...not any more) like three chocolate, sugary, kid-oriented cereals....Reece's Puffs, of course, S'more Crunch (discontinued, so sad!) and Count Chocula.  The last is easy to understand if you know about my recent vampire fetish thanks to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books.  

Anyway, I love those Reece's Puffs, but the one thing that makes me pass them up is that I am ravenous within an hour of eating it and there's nothing worse than being extremely hungry during my Literacy Workstations.  I am curious to hear what's your favorite cereal, please post under comments! 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

World Market is leaving me

I've now known for three weeks that one of my favorite places to shop is closing it's doors....Cost Plus World Market.  Actually, thirty-six World Market stores across the U.S. are calling it quits.  Darn economy!  All three of the Omaha stores are leaving, so for me to shop at a World Market I'll have to travel to Kansas City or Des Moines, so I've been told.  Such a huge disappointment to hear when it's become one of my rituals of scrappin' at Archiver's.  My friend Amy and I have made it a tradition to buy a bunch of candy from around the world at this particular store and then go to our scrapfest and fill our faces with the sugary junk.  This is how I have endurance for a twelve hour crop!  I will so miss the gummies from China, the licorice from Australia and the chocolates from Germany.  Oh, and so many others that I just haven't even met!!  I guess on the bright side weight loss will be a lot more obtainable!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Days 26-30

My apologies to anyone who is totally bored with my Project 365 pictures.  I really don't know what else to blog about and this gives me something to look back on once I figure out how to put this 365 Project together without the kit.  I heard that CK may not make more of the kit, so I guess I'll just have to ask the Scrapbooking Fairy for one!  If there's a Tooth Fairy...I'm positive a scrapbooking one exists!  
Friday, Jan. 23rd - Daddy's home....hooray!  I took this picture right as we got home from school.  Dad beat us home and Grant couldn't wait to give his favorite parent a big hug!  No kidding on the favorite parent part...just ask Grant! 
Saturday, Jan. 24th - We didn't do much except hang out around the house on Saturday.  It was a cold, snowy and dreary weekend.  Andy made lasagna for dinner and here's what supper looks like at our home.  
Sunday, Jan. 25th - Tyler and Madison spent much of the afternoon sledding right behind our house.  One of the things I appreciate about our home is that we don't have backyard neighbors, but a nice open space with a slopped hill which is perfect for sledding.  I love this picture of the two of them sharing a sled.  They appear to like each other instead of their constant fighting!  
Monday, Jan. 26th - Madison is playing her High School Musical game on her Nintendo DS and Grant is totally engrossed in what she is doing.  I thought this was so sweet for Madison to share her DS with her little brother, who can often times be quite a bother!  Bless you, Maddy! 
Tuesday, Jan. 27th - Rub-a-Dub-Dub....Grant in the tub!  I took many pictures of him in the bath tonight and loved the expression on his face with this one best.  Grant does not care to take a bath, but with his new bath toys from Grandma at Christmas he likes it a little better. He still throws a fit whenever we wash his hair.  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Days 21-25

Sunday, Jan. 18th - I attended an Archiver's workshop with my Mom, which lasted a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.  We created six layouts using the Scenic Route line and they were in very pretty blues and browns.  We had a lot of fun!  This was my present to Mom for her birthday next week.  Happy early birthday, Mom! 
Monday, Jan. 19th - This was a holiday (Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday), so Mom and the kids had the day off from school.  Madison and I made red envelopes for next Monday's Chinese New Year.  We first tried cutting out and stamping the envelopes (too much work).  Then learned quickly that you can just purchase very cool envelopes next to nothing at a local Asian Market here in Lincoln.  "Gung Hay Fat Chow!"  That means best wishes and congratulations in Chinese.
Tuesday, Jan. 20th - A historical day in American...Inauguration '09 for the 44th President of the United States who happens to be part African-American.  It makes me proud to see how far our country has come and some day I hope to see the first woman President too!  (This picture makes me laugh because Grant was so uncooperative.  Look at Madison's expression...picture #18 before I stopped.)  Good enough! 
Wednesday, Jan. 21st - Got to love a short work week!  I was thinking that I needed another classroom photo and thought about what I do most....tie shoe laces.  I took my camera to large group and the first kid who asked for their shoe to get tied, got their picture taken by another student.  It took less than 15 minutes before the request was made!  Oh, if I only got paid per shoe!  
Thursday, Jan. 22nd - The weather here in Lincoln was absolutely beautiful today!  I was able to not only take my kids out to recess, but without coats on!  Wow!  Tomorrow the weather is suppose to change, so Grant and I took advantage of it after school.  Here's my cute two year old who is very dirty, but enjoying his trike.  Just love that smile of his!  

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wanting something I can't have

I am just going to admit it....I am obsessing over this.  I think about it constantly and I need a diversion.  It may require me to spend money I shouldn't at Archiver's tomorrow or make me spend endless time on Facebook finding people who could possibly become my friend...I need help.

This Project 365 kit that sold out on January 1st at CK has consumed me.  It's been a big fiasco for many, many uphappy customers, but that still doesn't change how I feel.  I keep telling myself that CK will make more, but so far they have only provided downloads for the journaling cards, which is nice.  But I want it all...the dividers, pockets, stickers, etc.!  I can certainly get one on eBay for about $165 when it originally sold for $39.95 at CK, which drives me crazy!  Okay...I am now going to stop dwelling about this and move on.  This has been very theraputic...I am off to Facebook to send someone a fish.  

Days 16-20

Boy, the days just fly by when you are taking a picture a day.  I so love this idea, can't you tell?!  
Tuesday, Jan. 13th - Tyler's such a terrific big brother!  I caught him helping me get Grant ready for our hectic morning routine.   
Wednesday, Jan. 14th - Here are my two after school helpers (Madison & Jessi).  I must say they do a fantastic job getting my room ready for the next day by changing the calendar, picking up the floor, filing papers in cubbies, etc.  However, they do love to just play around and on this day I could not get them off the computer to go home.  They were having too much fun! 
Thursday, Jan. 15th - I will probably use the other picture posted with the adhesive on the face for the 365 project, but this picture was a close second.  Prior to the adhesive tape on the face, Grant informed me with the empty Schwan's ice cream box that we were all out.  Someone put the empty box back in the deep freeze for Grant to find.  Of course, he so wanted ice cream and I said..."Look inside the box..maybe there's still one left."  That's what he's doing in the picture. Bummer!  No ice cream! 
Friday, Jan. 16th - Hooray!  Andy's home and a night out with adults.  This does not happen often enough.  We went to "Fireproof" a free showing at Faith Lutheran Church with Todd and Amy Jensen.  Then decided to go to the Haymarket for some mexican food and drink at El Potrero. What a nice, kid-free evening out!  Awesome food and beverages too!  
Saturday, Jan. 17th - I decided to let Madison have a try at the camera, so she took this picture of Grant and mom reading books.  I think I have pictures of everyone in the family reading books to Grant.  He can do this again and again with the same book.  I am happy that he enjoys the love of literature!  Hope this continues over the years.  

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life with 3 Kids and No Hubby!

Some days I question my sanity more than is one of them.  It's been a crazy week without Andy and I've spent my evening doing laundry, feeding the kids, planning Tyler's weekend social schedule, making a quick trip to the library for a book for tomorrow's lesson and was just checking emails when Grant said...."Ook!"  Grant's face is not only covered in crusty boogers, but also with my dearly loved adhesive tape for scrapbooking.  At this point in the evening, I didn't question where the rest of my adhesive tape is or all over what...I just took a deep breath and said, "Where's my camera?"  

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Days 11-15

It's Wednesday night and I can't think of a thing to blog about except my 365 project.  I have a terrible head cold and I should just sit down and finish "Breaking Dawn" the fourth book in the Twilight series.  I am kind of taking it easy with the final book because I just want it to last forever...Edward and Bella.  I guess if you read the books you will know that indeed it does. Okay, on to my latest pics...
Thursday, Jan. 8th - I took Madison in to Hairmasters for a hair cut.  She hasn't had it cut in a year and it was looking pretty shabby.  She did not want it short again, so a trim was all that was needed. 
Friday, Jan. 9th - Today we celebrated Mrs. Green's (I have a difficult time calling her Kristi since she was Madison's Kdg. teacher) birthday with lunch from daVinci's.  Kristi (I said it) is holding a piece of colored toast that I made for her special day.  All the kindergarteners decorated bread with milk and food coloring and then toasted them for a cool visual effect that morning.  So, I was trying to be funny when I said "look what I made you".  
Saturday, Jan. 10th - This was Madison's first full day to sell Girl Scout cookies in the neighborhood.  She headed out of the house with Tyler and got seventy boxes sold.  It's just too bad that we have sales at the coldest time of the year.  Way to go, Maddy!
Sunday, Jan. 11th - Here's Tyler and Don Stewart, Pastor of Youth Ministries, posing for one of those "Mom, you are so embarrassing" pictures.  We just love Pastor Don and the excellent youth program at St. Mark's.  
Monday, Jan. 12th - Good-bye Andrew!  He is off to locate (survey) 3,500 more power poles in Clay Center, Kansas for work.  That's five hundred fewer than last week.  Oh, what a long month or months this will be!  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Days 6-10

Here are some more of my one a day pictures!  Sometimes it's very difficult to chose since I am taking so many everyday!  
Saturday, Jan. 3th - I went out to eat at Chili's with my two former co-workers, Amy and Trisha and new friend Nancy.  We talked about kindergarten, Lakeview and old times.  It was nice to hang out with young, twenty-somethings!  :)
Sunday, Jan. 4th  - We were getting ready for church when I walked past the bathroom to find this....Madison flossing Grant's teeth.  She kept saying, "Open your mouth!"  I think Grant enjoyed the minty flavored floss, so he was a willing participant.  
Monday, Jan. 5th - It's back to teaching!  Yes, I do teach students with faces, but for confidentiality reasons, I can not show them on my blog.  I guarantee that they are very cute kids!  Faceless or not!  But doesn't it make for a funny picture?!  
Tuesday, Jan. 6th - It's Girl Scout night and the girls are learning fun facts about Girl Scout Cookie sales.  They can start selling on Friday and delivery is the end of February.  Madison wants to sell 500...I think a hundred is probably good enough!  
Wednesday, Jan. 7th - I dropped Grant off at Christi's daycare and got a morning picture of the two of them.  Grant's favorite thing to do every morning is sit on Christi's lap for some quality one-on-one time.  So, glad he enjoys going to Christi's house!  

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 365

First of all...a big thank you to all twenty-four of you who posted a comment on my "one little word" concept.  I really enjoyed reading all of your responses.  

It's now time to post something fun and exciting.....scrapbooking!  Okay...maybe not fun and exciting to you, but to me it's almost what consumes me daily.  I dream of scrapbooking...What else could I stand to do for fifteen straight hours???  Anyway, I mention that one of my New Year's resolutions was to start on Project 365....well, I had no idea that there would be such a demand for this kit.  Creating Keepsakes did not implement selling this kit well.  Their website crashed and they didn't make enough, so many scrappers (like myself) are left without one.  I did notice that some who did get a kit are now re-selling them on eBay for three times the amount. Ugh!  Am I bitter?  Yes, but I do know that I will get one eventually, even if it's mid-June.  That will be one happy day when it does arrive!  

Here are my first five days of Project 365:

Monday, Dec. 29th - I am going to do a Monday-Sunday layout.  So, this was my first day of my project.  Madison had Aleni Stoakes over for a playdate.  The girls played with their American Girl dolls and they had loads of fun!  
Tuesday, December 30th - Grant is getting lots of mileage out of his new Thomas the Train set that Santa brought him.  We don't hardly put it away since it's a nightly thing...just dump it into the blue tote and it's out on the floor again in no time.  
Wednesday, Dec. 31st - Madison and neighbor friend, Jessi, playing on the Nintendo Wii.  I did want a picture of Andy and me (New Year's Eve tradition), but one of the kids took it and it's blurry!  Oh, well!  
Thursday, Jan. 1st - Tyler watching the Gator Bowl.  If we didn't win, I don't think I could have posted this one.  What a great game!  
Friday, Jan. 2nd - Madison and Jessi decided to get out the Easy-Bake oven that hasn't been used in over two years.  The girls made cookies from an old mix that we wondered if it would turn out...apparently it did.  They ate them and were probably better than the sugar cookies I made for Christmas.  

Thursday, January 1, 2009

One Little Word for 2009

The idea behind the "one little word" concept is to give yourself something to focus on throughout the year.  I can not take any credit for this idea, I found it on someone else's blog.  

Can you identify a single word that sums up what you want for yourself in 2009?  It can be something that is tangible or intangible.  It could be a thought, feeling or an emotion.  It can be singular or plural.  The key is to find something that has personal meaning for you.  This is not someone else's word...just yours and yours ONLY.  

I hope that you'll join us by posting your word for 2009 at the end of this blog!  Happy New Year and way to go Huskers!  

Andy decided that he could use a lot more patience in 2009.  Patience that the economy will improve this year and patience in dealing with the kids!  (He didn't say this...but patience with his wife who asks him to do silly stuff like this!)

I chose determined...I am determined to be better organized at school, determined to get my money's worth at the gym, determined to keep up with the laundry, determined to scrapbook more, determined to get to Disney World this year and determined to get my hands on the 365 kit, which is sold out!  Boo hoo!  

Tyler wanted perseverance because he wanted a word that meant "to keep going".  Tyler wants to persevere in sports as well as in school.  

Joy -- definition --"The emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying."  Really...what more could an eight year old wish for?  Good choice, Maddy! 

Grant gets two words.  He, obviously, can't chose a word, so we picked two for him.  These two words are ones that he's really gotten to understand over the past few months.  Our wish is that he will hear less of these words as his actions for 2009 improve.  We can always hope!  

Quote from A. Edwards --- "A single word can be a powerful thing.  It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything.  It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow."