Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cornhusker State Games

This year marks the 25th annual Cornhusker State Games in Lincoln. I remember my brother playing soccer at these games some twenty some years ago. This was Tyler and Madison's first year competing even though Tyler's baseball team has been doing it for several years. The kids are usual at their grandparents house enjoying the Furnas County Fair that falls during this week, but with wheat harvest running behind they didn't go. That means time for the games!
Madison with teammates Cassie and Ashley at the Sportfest prior to opening ceremonies.
Yup, that's Tyler leading his team for the Parade of Athletes. Nice! All the sports walked behind their signs....some included Tug of War, Bocce, Table Tennis and Dodge Ball were the unusual ones. The most popular were Track & Field, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer.
They even had fireworks as the finale for the opening ceremonies.
This is what the field looked like at the end. I probably should have gotten a picture of Cory Schlesinger for the torch lighting. Oops!
The start of Madison's first game. The girls are getting ready for game one of four.
My pictures aren't very good, especially seeing the work from All Star Sports Photography. They have the coolest action shots...but $7.25 for a 4 x 6, I won't be buying many. Bummer!
Madison's team "Dynamite" won all four of their games giving them the gold in the U8 Rec Soccer Division.
Tyler is up to bat for game one of three games for the U12 Boys Division Baseball for Blue Chips. They tied their first game 3 to 3 against Norfolk.
Unfortunately, they lost their second and third games both to Clarks. It was a close nail biter both times and it did give them a bronze medal. Better luck next year boys!

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Mamma has spoken said...

Great pictures as always.Keep the one where Tyler is making the face handy. You'll be surprize at what he says to why he did that 10 years from now.