Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finding the Cricut ticket

Happy day! Today I purchased two new Cricut cartridges at Michael's. I saw their store ad and saw that they were under $45 each, so I rushed on over and were able to snag the two I was wanting. The only cartridges on sale this week are the new ones launched for the "Find the winning Cricut ticket" contest. I, unfortunately, did not locate one of those awesome golden "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" kind of tickets in either box, but I am still excited for some new fun fonts to try out. Anyone ready for a crop soon?

Also, if anyone from Cricut reads this...please know that if not all twenty tickets are discovered, I'd be happy to fill one of those spots on the January cruise! Scrapping, napping and cruising, oh, that would be the life!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you need someone to use the other half of the ticket that Provo craft sends you, let me know. LOL Have fun with your new cartridges, they look great!