Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Renaissance Festival in Colorado

Two weekends ago....Madison and I took a fun, mini vacation through the Girl Scouts to Larkspur, Colorado to experience a Renaissance Festival, which neither of us has done before. It was a quick weekend trip, with driving on Friday, Festival on Saturday and home again on Sunday, but it was well worth it!
We saw fiddlers!
Took lots of photos!
Tried Henna tattoos...
Madison got a cool butterfly
and I got a design on my hand (not pictured).
Then the girls (four of them) wanted a
feather in their hair, which should last about 2 months.
Then we watched various performances
and my friend, Juel, tried out Palm Reading.
I thought it was weird that there was an "aura" around her head when I took the photo.
I'm sure it's how the light hit the camera, but still it's pretty wild.
We ended the performance with jousting.
We cheered on the knight in black...
and I still don't know who really won?
But my favorite was the "village idiot".
He asked a very tattooed lady if she got her a$$ kicked by an Etch-a-Sketch,
which I found incredibly funny!

Next week, I am off to do mission work in Chicago with Tyler.
I just might blog it! ;)