Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Word...update

Hi all---

I was just thinking that half the year is over and how is that "one word" for 2009 coming along? I think of my word probably once a week, not an every day kind of thing, but I do think about it.

Here's how I am doing...

I was determined to go to the gym on a frequent basis. Hmmm....not doing so well with that one. However, July has been the best month, so far. I think I've been there six times this month. Not too bad, eh?

I was determined to keep up with the laundry. I've done fairly well with that this summer. Lots of laundry and now have time to do it. I love hanging the towels on the line...nice and crunchy!

I was determined to scrapbook more and I have. I've cropped every month except for the month of May, so I can double book one month, right? I feel like a better person when I get that once a month away time just for me!

I was determined to go to Disney World and we are making that possible in October. Yay!

And I was determined to get my Project 365 kit, which I am keeping up on. The picture taking habit is the same as taking a shower daily habit. I am loving the idea still!

Let me know how you are doing with your "one word"!


Lisa said...

I feel I am doing very well on my one word!!! Fun, mom!!! Thanks for the idea.

Mindee said...

I'm hoping my word was "forget" because I don't remember what it was!

Amy said...

Lisa--Glad to hear that you are indeed doing well with fun and at GNO, you are indeed that!

Mindee--Your one word is "satisfied". Are you satisfied that I looked it up for you?? :)

A.H. said...

I believe my word was "celebrate". It started out a little rough. My Mom had 6 inches of dead small intestine removed and missed out on her 50th Anniversary Celebration. On the plus side though I had not one... but two brothers get married. Unfortunately, Scott didn't want a 40th birthday party... and I had such devious plans for him. LOL I did get invited to a few friends' birthday parties which weren't on my celebration list for the year. And then there was one I didn't get invited to...you know who you are ;) LOL