Thursday, July 16, 2009

My favorite Madison layouts

Since Madison is six years older than Grant, I had to add a few extras. It was still hard to pick my top five. You can also see some of my earlier work from this blog back in April. That's when I was into the 8 1/2 x 11" format.
This one is dear to me because I used my grandmother's poetry on the page. I did this with one of Tyler's that I'll post tomorrow. My children never got to meet my Grandmi, but I know she'd just love my kids!
I love this one probably for the work it took to make. It looks rather simple, but this was pre-Cricut and I had to cut the lettering out using a stencil. The animals were all done by hand too. I would look at a cookie, trace the design and then eat the cookie. Very productive!
Oh, how I miss those beautiful curls Madison had. They were darling! Boo hoo!
I had to pick this one because it was Madison's third and final year of dance. She whined the entire year that she didn't like the class and I promised that she'd never had to do it again. But wasn't she the cutest?!
Madison's first year of school....kindergarten. As a kindergarten teacher, I just had to include this one too!


Mamma has spoken said...

Way too cute as always. Love all of them. Did/does she go to the same school where you teach? Mine did and I could list the pros and cons of it.

Tracey said...

I love Madison's dance layout. Why can't you talk her into it again? LOL Jessi is taking a jazz/hip-hop class this year. Maybe she would like that?!
Just had to get that in there. :)

Amy said...

Tracey---Madison said she'll think about it. However, she might have too much on "her plate" already!