Friday, July 31, 2009

Phun with Photography Photo Contest

I thought I'd give it a try and participate in a photo contest. It's open to anyone including an amateur photographer like myself. Go here to find the other participants' photos. I believe my brother and sister in law are also playing along. Click on Sarah and you'll see her photos.

1. Disney character
2. Someone in uniform
3. Work of art
4. A word spelled in unusual lettering
5. A hat
6. A tree native to the area
7. A Bug
8. Library/Book
9. Sign in more than 2 languages
10. Money/foreign currency
11. A pool
12. The colour purple
13. A window or looking through
14. Crying
15. A fruit
16. A sport
17. Sky
18. License plate from another state
19. Height
20. Music

What I did in a month!

Okay, the month is over and I just know you are all wondering what I could do in a month. I mentioned being a better physically healthy person and I can't say that I think that happened so much. I did take my asthma medication in timely matter, but I did not lose any weight. I really didn't try either. Those darn Tastefully Simple boxes showed up at my door! :) However, I worked out about seven times, which should have been more. I also saw two doctors (the dentist and had that fun colonoscopy doctor), so I think that counts for something?! But here's what REALLY matters...what I did with friends and family....
I went to Raette's lake house twice to hang out with friends (who happen to be co-workers too!)
I watched a cutie take a nap! How peaceful (in more ways than one)!
I went to a parade with my family along with other 4th of July festivities!
Acted silly with my husband...and no, he wasn't intoxicated. Hmmm...maybe should have thought twice before posting this picture?! He's going to love that I did!
I grew beautiful finger nails out and if you know me well I never have nails!
I visited 11 scrapbooking stores for a contest that I didn't win! I still had fun and toured six of the stores with my Mom!
I spent time at the zoo and watched Grant feed the goats! Funny sight!
I met the famous and much talked about Thomas the Train!
I watched my DD take first place at the Cornhusker State Games!
And I, unfortunately, watched my DS flirt with the girls in the bikinis at the pool! Ugh! I am not ready for that! Notice Grant is watching and learning well from big brother!

Oh, I will also be posting pics this afternoon from the photo contest that I participated in this month. I didn't do so well with that. I am definitely an amateur!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothin' Much to Report

I don't have much to report on the good old blog. It's just getting down to that time of year where...

*My allergies have kicked in and will continue to be bothersome until a good freeze in late Fall.

*Andy is back from Wayne where the airport survey is finished. Did you know they had an airport?

*Madison had her last softball game tonight. Soccer season is just around the corner.

*I am getting anxious to get my classroom back together. I got a ton accomplished today and my room looks so nice and clutter free! I wish I could keep it that way! :(

And...I am missing my oldest child who is still in Denver at Work Camp. He called last night to tell me that he did get a shower in yesterday. Apparently the showering situation is questionable since the facility they are sleeping at doesn't have one and the gym across the street isn't being very willing to accommodate. Can you imagine hanging out with 77 youth and 16 adults without bathing in July?! Not me!

BTW, Tyler is having a great time and making lots of new friends!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The cat's away....

the mouse will play!

This one was done a while ago, but I just got the journaling done.
The same goes for this one. I added a few stickers. I can't wait for my 15 hour crop on Saturday! Yay!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Days 206-210

Wednesday, July 22nd - This is me at the Highlands Pool enjoying the sun and my favorite magazine...Creating Keepsakes. This picture will remind me what I love to do over the summer. However, it's a little staged because I have a 2 year old who has to be supervised, so I had Tyler watching him while Madison takes my picture.
Thursday, July 23rd - Today marks the 15th anniversary of our engagement. Andy proposed to me on this day with pink roses and a trip to the Lion King movie. Now we wouldn't think to see a children's movie alone. We would just love to watch a movie just the two of us and it would definitely have some substance to it...not Disney. LOL
Now look at us 15 years later, watching the kids play in the cul-de-sac across from our house!
Friday, July 24th - Of course, the POTD (photo of the day) has to be Grant at the Thomas Event. What else would we take??
Saturday, July 25th - Tonight's the night of the Jr. Saltdogs Baseball Tournament and the boys are losing. I love this picture of Andy and Alan (the dads) looking less enthused about the game. Unfortunately, the team lost both of their games, which were back to back. Baseball season is officially over! Hooray!
Sunday, July 26th - We sent Tyler off on his first church work camp to Denver, Colorado for a week. Tyler's been working on this project with fundraising and sponsoring over the past couple months. They will be doing work for Colorado's Parks & Recreation while they are there. I hope he has a safe and wonderful trip serving in God's name!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Day with Thomas

Grant loves Thomas the Train and refers to any train as "Thomas". I could not wait to take Grant to the annual "A Day Out with Thomas...Hero of the Rails" event in Fremont this year. Andy and I thought that Grant often gets overlooked from his siblings' activities and events, so we would make this extra special and make it a day without Tyler and Madison. It was all about Grant (& Thomas) today!
Here's Grant anticipating the day with Thomas on our way in the van to Fremont. He was incredibly tired and did fall asleep on the way.
The event had several tents with some Thomas activities. This one housed all the play trains.
They even had a bouncy Thomas, but it was a bit too hot to slide down.
Grant wasn't too willing to get his pictures taken with all the Thomas backdrops, but I did get one.
Of course, they had a fabulous tent full of Thomas paraphernalia to purchase. This tent was in the middle, so you had to walk through it to get to the other tents. Good planning on their part!
Grant and Thomas, finally the picture I was waiting for, and smile?!
Grant giving the girl the tickets for the Thomas ride.
Grant and Dad on the Thomas Train taking our thirty minute ride just outside of Fremont.
The day ended with a purchase from the merchandise tent with a piece for his Thomas Train set along with the coolest "I spent the day with Thomas" shirt too.