Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What can I do in a month?

Beautiful July...It's the one month that I consider my month to myself. It's the one month that I consider a non-working month, which is a kind of silly because I am always "working". This month I'll be working on getting Grant potty trained, cleaning the house, visiting various doctors (for all those yearly appointments), taking a class, transporting kids around town and the list goes on and on.

So, I thought..."Wow, I am really bored. I need a challenge, something I can do in a month." Then I came up with this one. I want to see how I can improve my health in a month. Some people think this would be a weight loss/diet idea, but I am thinking more. I want to see how much I can improve how I feel in a month with my stomach issues and asthma. I believe numbers aren't's the total picture that matters. It's how I feel, think, look, etc. But my truly numbers weren't great. I weighed myself and I was 144.2 lbs. I then took my chest, waist and hips measurements. I cannot disclose those at this point because I'm in a bit of denial. Maybe at a later date, I'll come around.
So, here are two pictures taken of me today in the same outfit that I'll wear and post on July 31st. If all doesn't go well...I'll be sure to fix my hair & makeup better, smile and suck in my gut. That's what they do on television, right?! Just kidding!
I'd love nothing more than lose the bulge around my middle. That's where I carry most of my weight. Okay...Anytime Fitness here I come!

Here are a few of my July goals:

No more soda pop...good ole' H2O will be it! Promise!

Increase my intake of fruits and vegetables

Take my asthma medication ritually (I've been terrible lately)

I'm going to eat Special K all month for breakfast. The box says eat for 2 weeks lose an inch around the waist. I really don't believe it, but I'll try it. I heart that cereal!

I'm considering others, but haven't come up with a plan. Please let me know what else you think I should do. I don't expect to lose 20 lbs. just the idea of feeling better!

Anyone else want to join me?


Mamma has spoken said...

I cut out sodas back in January along with sweets. I've lost 35 pounds! Something that i found that helps with the wants of sweets is those Crystal Light packets for your water bottles. I live on those now ;o)

Sarah said...

Good luck with your self-challenge. I joined weight watchers 3 weeks ago (don't know if your mom told you or not) and I have lost 8.5 pounds so far. Unfortunately, it doesn't really look like it since I have about 40 or more pounds to go. But I will say, I am following the plan and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I'm not going to say I feel a ton better, but I know it is good for me and if nothing else it just helps me feel better mentally. I gave up diet coke for the most part, but since it didn't have any calories it hasn't helped me lose weight, just save money. I also agree, crystal light is great - 5 calories and they taste great if you get bored of plain water. Have fun!

missy said...

i don't like special k, but i'll join in the challenge with you. i need to do something! and it will be fun to be "in it" with someone. i'm still gonna do a diet coke every now and again, though. you're gonna do great! and i think you look great already.

Trisha said...

When you're at the gym do cardio and lift weights. Cardio burns calories now and lifting is like putting money in your savings account. It increases your metabolism, so you can burn more calories while your just sitting around

Carla said...

Work some family time into your workouts. Go for bike rides or walks with the kids. They will love the time with Mom and you will get a nice little workout. I know Zack and Kati love it when they can go with me for a bike ride.

Amy said...

Mamma-I'll try Crystal Light. I know I like the Raspberry Lemonade ones.

Sarah-Good luck with Weight Watchers. A couple of my co-workers are doing that.

Missy-You look great! You have no need for anything. Besides, you'll be incredibly busy when Luci arrives. You'll be thin as a rail when you have to keep up with 4 kids!

Trisha-I did some Elipticals (misspelled) last night at Anytime. My legs were like jello afterwards, but I will do it again today!

A.H. said...

You can run down Fletcher with me!!!! I need a new running partner, Scott pretty much bailed after the third time.

Anonymous said...

Hi sis,

I've told you I've become a bit obsessive about this stuff, right? I walk somewhere between two and four miles each day. It really makes me feel much better, just getting in that exercise. (I'm not a gym person.)

Hungry girl's website is a great place to get some good recipes. The boys have eaten butternut squash french fries without realizing the switch. Also, Shirataki noodles (tofu) are a great substitute for regular noodles. Nobody would ever know the difference...just make sure you follow the directions carefully.

YOU PUT YOUR WEIGHT ON YOUR PAGE? Impressive! Forty pounds later...I'm still not posting my weight, although it's nice to fit into a size 6 jeans. ;)

Good luck in July...maybe you'll keep going after a month.

Oh, and Special K has great protein bars that would substitute for a bowl of cereal. When school is going on and I'm on the go, I grab one of those as a meal bar. They're really good!