Sunday, July 19, 2009

Days 196-200

A busy, busy summer....
Sunday, July 12th - It's a Father/Son ballgame. Several of the dads could hit it over the fence, so the dads' won it, of course! Here is Tyler pitching to his dad. Tyler was nice and walked the old man! Ha, ha!
Monday, July 13th - Grant fishing at Raette's lake house with his new Sponge Bob fishing pole. He didn't catch anything, but sure did have a good time.
Tuesday, July 14th - Grant went to Christi's today, so I could get my hair cut and colored at a local beauty college...saved money by going there and it turned out well. Grant has many playmates at Christi's house!
Wednesday, July 15th - We went to the Highland's pool today and found my two long time friends, Angie and Amy, hanging out with their kids.
Thursday, July 16th - I went Heartland Hopping with my mom and visited eleven scrapbooking stores in the area. I didn't do all of them in one day, but did get to the Blair, Fremont and Omaha stores. I tried keeping my spending down, but still managed to spend $59.25 at the eleven shops. Oops! Scrapbooking is not a cheap hobby!


Sarah said...

What store are you standing in with your mom? Your life is so much more interesting than mine, that is for sure!

Amy said...


The store is in Omaha called Scrapbook Central @ 5338 S. 136th St. It's not my favorite in Omaha....Archiver's first and then the Yesterday's Scrapbooking at 3673 N. 129th St.

Christina Thomas said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Now you should subscribe to my blog as a reader. LOL!

You're 365 photos are great!