Saturday, July 11, 2009

Days 191-195

Tuesday, July 7th - Ranger had his yearly check up and shots that cost me $185.49. I am no longer complaining after reading my friend Tracey's blog about her dog Mikey. That made me cry! Poor Mikey!
Wednesday, July 8th - We are at Madison's softball game and Grant and Tyler are playing "beese ball" on an empty field. I just giggle seeing Grant play catcher. He's got the squatting thing down.
Thursday, July 9th - This was my day....chicken broth. Yum! Today I tried to do anything besides think about food and the "procedure" the next day.
Friday, July 10th - The "procedure" day without any pictures. Did you think I would?? Ha, ha! I did take a picture of something else that's hubby's rash. I like how Grant is smiling in the background.
Saturday, July 11th - Andy took the kids to the park, while I went with my friend Amy to Archiver's scrapbooking. So, I left him with today's photo. When I first saw this picture, I instantly thought of the Cingular commercials with "raising the bars"...smallest to biggest.


Tracey said...

Hey, I am a little disappointed you don't have any pictures of the "procedure". LOL
The last picture of the kids on the slide is cool. Love it!

Mamma has spoken said...

Same here Tracey, maybe a picture of her in the paper gown would have been appropriate. Or many times with different procedures, they take pictures and give you a copy to keep. Hehehe, then we could REALLY get the feeling of what she went through!

Mindee said...

Don't listen to them Amy! I am very thankful not to have any procedure pics. Just looking at the broth made me squeamish. Thank you!

Amy said...

Yeah, I should of asked for a procedure picture, huh? Not that I'd post it, but it would be neat to have one. I vaguely remember lots of colors and weird shapes, but that could have been the drugs they gave me too.