Thursday, July 23, 2009

Professional Photography Stress

Okay...I just want to say now that I'd rather get a filling at the dentist's office, have a blood draw at the doctor's office or even see the gynecologist than ever getting my kids in for professional portraits again!

It's been almost two years since I've had pictures taken and today I quickly remembered why. I say to myself, nothing major is taking place, it's only pictures, but some how no matter how relaxed I try to be...I get worked up over this situation and it's ridiculous.

I scheduled these pictures on Tuesday wondering after I set up the appointment who is going to get sunburned, stung my a bee for a swollen eye or have a bruise on their face. That did not happen remarkably. I then selected all of their outfits, which went well also. Perfect! Wow! This won't be anything like the time Tyler (age 4) fell on top of Madison (age 1) at the studio with blood running out of her mouth and all over her cute outfit. Or like the time when Madison had poo pouring out of her pant leg at the studio. Nope, not like those times!

Now this morning I instructed Tyler to not get anything on his clothes. He's twelve, so that's not too tough. However within twenty minutes, he managed to get chocolate donut all over the front of his white shirt. Not a problem...I breathed in deep and said in my "Love & Logic" voice...."Tyler you have chocolate all over your shirt. I sure hope you are able to resolve your problem since that IS the shirt you will be wearing for pictures." That logic worked and the shirt was clean. I did hear Madison shout..."Spray some bug spray on it and that will take it out." I have no idea how the stains came out, but they did and that's all that mattered.

Then we arrive at the studio to have non-cooperative Grant pitch his typical fit and not allow his picture taken. This worked to my advantage since that was probably 25 less pictures for the photographer to take and me to decline since I only want to purchase $60-$75 worth.

That leads me to the selection of the 82 shots the photographer did take. The sales lady, bless her heart, must be required to try to sell everyone the biggest portrait package possible (mine started at $445). I try to save her time and me stress by being "up front" and telling her only what I want to pay. She still proceeds to show me a $300 then $225 package deal while Grant crawls all over me telling me he's "hungy" like he calls it. This just adds to my stress. Truly I'd be done at the dentist's office by now, I think.

So after 20 minutes, I managed to purchase a $79.95 portraits package (so I thought) and make my way out of there. I am told that the pictures will be done within thirty minutes, so this is my break for McDonald's to make everyone happy.

Regrettably, I did not pay for my pictures on the way out of the studio, due to a disgruntled customer about the wrong pictures being developed and Grant's whining. Then when I returned to pick up and pay for my photos, I was charged $96.19. I did not know that my original price did not include the $9.99 sales package that I received along with taxes etc. I would have resolved this if I would have paid prior to developing. Go figure!

I then went looking for the Discover card that I put in my wallet while walking in the parking lot. Why I had it out is a long story. Well...I apparently dropped it, which Madison validated (5 minutes later) when she said, "Mom, I saw a blue credit card just like the one you are missing behind a parked car." Of course, I say, "You pick up trash in a parking lot, but you see a credit card and don't think to pick it up whether it's mine or anyone elses?" This leads to Madison in tears, Tyler scouring the parking lot for a lost card and me feeling bad that I blamed my mistake on Madison. Ugh!

I have canceled my credit card, drank a soda, blogged and now have a zillion cute pictures of my kiddos to mail to anyone who wants one. Any takers?

Below are three of the pictures that I did not develop into pictures. I chose not to post pics that I did develop or that would ruin the surprise in your mailbox! Right?
Tyler in his white, donut stained shirt.
Madison sporting her new cute button necklace our nice neighbor Sam made her.
And Grant being his cute, but difficult self!


Anonymous said...

Oh, these are so cute! Can't wait to see the ones that you did select. I wish you had asked me to help you out (even though you are a big girl) and maybe an extra pair of hands might have helped out with Grant, lost credit card, etc. Anyway, glad no charges had been made on your card.


Dad likes the pictures too.

Mamma has spoken said...

Oh this so reminds me of the time when we had a family portrait taken back in 'the olden days' before digital technology. Hubby was as bad as the sons, I only wanted the special $9.99 package and the pictures in the $9.99 package where terrible!!! I even said to the poor girl, "Who in their right mind would have developed this?" She agreed with me but still tried to sell me the higher price package. Of course the higher price package's pictures were great. I ended up not buying any, it was all in the princable and we have never had another professional family picture again.

Mindee said...

I'd say it was worth the effort. Great pictures!

Tracey said...

Amy- I am so sorry for your absolutely "tragic" day, sounds like you needed a margarita instead of a soda after all of that.
I feel badly that I thorougly enjoyed reading the post and laughed. How could I in my right mind laugh at my friends' horrible experience?
I have to tell my sis to read this, it is too funny. Again, I feel so bad for laughing, but you could sell that story to a magazine. Maybe submit it to Readers Digest.
I am so glad that no one put any charges on your card. That is so scary.
I will talk to you when I get back from vacation. :)

Amy said...

OMG! Your kids are adorable!

Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out great. It has to be worth it in the end. I took pics of my kids every 3 months from birth to 2 yrs old--they sit really good now--Wonder why huh!!! Use to it I guess.