Friday, July 24, 2009

Days 201-205

Friday, July 17th - We used our KFOR Summer Fun passes to visit the Lincoln Children's Zoo. It was a beautiful day for a trip to the zoo!
Saturday, July 18th - Here's a picture from one of four games that Madison played this weekend at the Cornhusker State Games. We were fortunate enough to have the soccer and baseball fields within a half mile of each other for all those back to back games we watched (7 in all). I was quite sunburned!
Sunday, July 19th - Here's Tyler taking his base after being walked. I probably will use the team photo for Project 365, but realized I've already blogged it and didn't want a repeat.
Monday, July 20th - My friend Angie's kids came over to play while she was at a conference for work. We went down the street and went fishing in the neighborhood pond. I now know where everyones' unwanted goldfish go since Tyler caught four of them. Here the boys are comparing whose fish is bigger...I believe Dillon won.

Tuesday, July 21st - Grant is checking out the Betta fish. I was hoping to get a clearer shot of Grant's face through the bowl, but I guess after adding forty pellets of fish food (thanks to Grant) that I retrieved without changing the fish water that won't happen.

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Mamma has spoken said...

Wow 4 games in one day!!! You go girl (glad it was you).