Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Little Word for 2010

Happy New Year all! Hope you find 2010 to be a wonderful new year with lots of promise for you! Last year I found a blogger who picks a word and makes it her "word" for the year. It's a word that a goal for the upcoming year and I loved the idea. Last year, I chose the word determined and one of my goals was to take a trip to Disney World and I was indeed determined enough to make it happen. However, I also chose to be determined to workout more and that didn't quite materialize like I envisioned, but it was a good try.

So, here are the Broekers' words for this upcoming new year.....
I plan to get my life better organized in '10. This includes my kitchen drawers, to my classroom files, to my purse and feeling like I have a better balance with work and home life.
Let's just say Andy isn't very happy about playing this "game". He picked patience again this year. He said it was tested in '09 and he sees it being tested again this year. We'll have to see if he passes the patience test by 2011.
Tyler wants to succeed this year in school as well as in sports. Tyler says, "I chose this word because it's the only word I could think of and I want to be successful." he's a bit like his father.
Madison chose energized because she wants to become a better soccer player in 2010.
Grant really didn't choose this word. In fact, I asked for a word and he said, "three, one, two, five." I guess he thought I said pick a number. Anyway, I chose this word for Grant since I am wanting him to become more appropriate than inappropriate when out in public. Grant needs to find his indoor voice and work on some of his behaviors that include...pouting, screaming and throwing fits which are just to name a few. I will say he's pretty darn cute even though he's one rowdy three year old!
Here's to a fantastic 2010! Please leave your One Little Word under the comments section. We would love to hear what's going to motivate you for the new year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Days 361-365

You probably think this is the end since I hit today's 365th day, but the scrapbook goes until January 3rd to finish out the week. You'll still see a few more's not over yet! :)
Thursday, December 24th - We quickly snapped some pictures after Christmas Eve service at the church. They have some pretty places to stand for pictures, but it was crowded and we were anxious to get home with the awful road conditions. That was one stressful ride to and from church!
Friday, December 25th - It's getting late, but there's still time for some board games. Blokus is one of my favorites!
Saturday, December 26th - Here's what our house looks like after the blizzard. (Notice: The star is a little tilted to the side.) The roads finally opened up and my parents and Jill were able to get back to Schuyler and Grandview, Missouri. It just took several hours longer than they anticipated.
Sunday, December 27th - We swapped kids with the Blacks for a sleep over. We got the girls and Tracey got the boys. Madison and Jessi are playing Mario Cart on the pullout couch. They were fun to watch!
Monday, December 28th - We could not wait to use our Carlos O'Kelly's gift card, so we went out to eat there tonight. It was delicious! Thanks Mom and Dad for the great gift idea!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vest Christmas '09

Happy Holidays! This is going to be one unforgettable Christmas this year with heavy snows, icy roads and blizzard like conditions! Jill and her boys came up early to beat the bad weather conditions and we were one big happy (maybe not so much) family.

These are some of many photos taken....
Here are all six grandkids on the Vest fighting in this picture!
This is what $94 in prime rib looks like. It was delicious! Thanks Dad for buying it and Andy for cooking it! Our tradition is prime rib every Christmas, which is wonderful. However, I wouldn't mind trying crab legs next year!
Santa came while we were at Christmas Eve church service and even filled stockings!
We made Santa shakes that were delicious! You can find the recipe here!
Todd and Sarah brought wine. This is what happens when you make a silly face with a bottle of gets posted on your sister's blog.
Santa brought Evan a DS game this year.
Xander looked so cute in the Christmas gift wrap recycling box.
Dylan and the kids took turns handing out the gifts.
Grant is digging into his Christmas stocking.
Can you tell we are sisters?
Todd, Sarah and Xander Vest at St. Mark's Church.
Grandma Betty got a mug of her #6 grandchild.
Grandpa Oogie got a Snuggie this year. Who couldn't use one of those?
The best or most well-received gift was a new slider cell phone for Tyler. He got a cell phone last year and we upgraded to unlimited texting and a keyboard. He's one happy 13 yr. old!

We are hoping for better weather conditions before attending the Broeker '09 Christmas in Kearney. We were planning on celebrating today, but Interstate 80 is still closed. Crazy weather!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Days 356-360

We are having a blizzard here in Nebraska, so there's not much to do, but blog, blog, blog! Happy Holidays!
Saturday, December 19th - It's "clean out the freezer" night at the Broekers. Andy is eating some buffalo wings....good, but oh, so messy!
Sunday, December 20th - Madison, Grant and Ranger are snuggling in my old papasan chair while watching Christmas movies. Love the holey sock, Madison!
Monday, December 21st - We went to Schuyler today to video tape Grandpa Oogie and his buddies (Jim and Derald) for a chance to get selected for Poker Stars in Los Angeles. Dad (Grandpa Oogie) has been playing online poker since retiring last year and has gotten rather good at it. Good luck!
Tuesday, December 22nd - Our old neighbors are back visiting for the holidays visiting relatives and were able to stop by. They now reside in Colorado and are missed dearly. Tyler said, "Mom, it's like old times....Joey, Simon and I."
Wednesday, December 23rd - Jill and the boys are here early for Christmas due to the upcoming snow storm. Jill has cut Grant's hotdog into an octopus to go with the mac and cheese. Grant thought that was pretty cool, especially since Mom doesn't do any of that fancy food stuff.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Days 351-355

Monday, December 14th - This year's bell ringing took place at Shopko (66th & O). We were prepared to ring outside in the cold, but Shopko was kind and let us do our ringing in between the two front doors. We rang for 1 1/2 hours, which was plenty for Grant.
Tuesday, December 15th - This is what you do with a foot of snow....pile it high and built a snow fort. Tyler and Madison like to see how deep they can get their fort before it caves in.
Wednesday, December 16th - We had a pizza party to discuss next year's baseball schedule. The first practice (indoors, of course) is on January 24th. I can't believe we are already thinking about outdoor sports. Go Blue Chips!
Thursday, December 17th - Our room volunteer, Grandma Pat, came today and showed the kids how to make candy canes out of beads and pipe cleaners. This was very nice of her and the kids loved it! We love Grandma Pat!
Friday, December 18th - This is one of my nativities that I dearly love. I posted it last year as one of my favorite Christmas decorations. It came from my 1988 trip to Mexico when I was in high school. I got a laugh when I saw a rubber lizard made it's way into the nativity this year. Can you spot him? Oh, the joys of having children!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Potatoes for Prime Rib

Here's an easy, cheap recipe that you must try for your holiday meal. We always have prime rib on Christmas Eve and these potatoes are terrific with any kind of steak. I received this recipe last year from my mom who got it from a local golf club. They serve it at all their functions.

3-4 cans of New Potatoes (about 55-70 cents a can)
1 container of Robert's Rockin' Ranch Dip (dairy aisle at Super Saver)
1/4 - 1/2 cup of butter or margarine

Drain the water off the potatoes and add all the ingredients to a crock pot. Cook until potatoes are done (on low for a couple hours).

Even I can do this without any troubles and I dislike cooking intensely! If you can't find the Robert's dip, I heard you can substitute a southwestern ranch dip.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Days 346-350

I am almost finished with this project. It was fun, but I'm going to glad to be done. Huge commitment! :)
Wednesday, December 9th - It's day two of a snow day without school. This is what we do for entertainment, pull Grant around in a tub.
Thursday, December 10th - The third no school day and it was too much of a good thing! I hate to complain, but would have rather "banked" this day for one in February, which is the longest teaching month of the year with little recess and all. We can't find Grant snow boots, so he's wearing plastic bags over his shoes. It looked like a good idea at the time, but it was very slippery!
Friday, December 11th - We saw that the Lutheran Church down the road from us was having a living nativity, so we decided to go and check it out. Here we are paying our taxes to Caesar Augustus, which the kids did not get into. I loved reenacting the traveling back in time to the birth of our Savour, but the older two rolled their eyes and Grant, of course, was oblivious to the entire concept.
Saturday, December 12th - We attended our neighbor's play at Calvary Community Church called "Imagine Christmas from the Beginning". Hannah and Jessi did a fantastic job and it was definitely an evening well spent!
Sunday, December 13th - After church today we took the kids sledding at Pioneer's Park. It was a bit cold for me to try it, but the others didn't complain. I took a few pictures and then hung out in the van while the rest of the family went sledding for about an hour.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Days 341-345

Here's the latest....well, almost!
Friday, December 4th - Grant and Madison are enjoying a bowl of chocolate mint ice cream. I think this is my tenth POTD with ice cream. We apparently eat it alot!
Saturday, December 5th - We decided despite the cold temps to attend the 25th Annual Star City Parade in downtown Lincoln today. We dressed warm for the event and it wasn't too bad or should I say better than expected!
Sunday, December 6th - It's snowing and we decide today's the day to get our Christmas tree. This is only the third time ever that we've gotten a live tree. I love this picture of Andy carrying Grant and the tree at the same time.
Monday, December 7th - We have our bi-weekly Brownie/Girl Scout meeting. Here the girls are making a train car for a contest for the Girl Scout Cookie Kick-Off in January. It's coming along slowly, but at least we are having fun!
Tuesday, December 8th - Snow day! What better to do than snuggle together and watch some T.V.?