Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My favorite Grant layouts

I've been busy these last few days with organizing my scrapbooks. I've been putting pages together in albums that have been stacked in a pile from a year ago. I'm good at getting pages done when given the time, but my organizational skills are horrible. While doing this, I came across some of my favorite layouts over the past couple years. I'll post my Madison favorites tomorrow and Tyler's on Friday. I'll even show you one or two (that's all there is) of Andy and Amy layouts. I have a fun 80's one of myself that I must post after reading Tracey's blog. BTW, if you can't see the picture well, just click on it and it should enlarge.
Grant was sooo cute in his swimming outfit that year. I loved the colors and his reactions to the water.
This is Grant's first birthday. This was the year that his cake was made with another child's name on it and now the tradition has been set. Every year Grant will get a cake with a new name on it. Wacky mom, huh?
I made this layout for a contest, but did not win. It's the first time I made my layout in the shape other than square or rectangular. I love his expressions in these photos!


Tracey said...

How could that PBJ layout not have won that contest? Adorable! What a cute idea!

Mamma has spoken said...

Cute as always, maybe I need to start scrap booking???

Mindee said...

Amy, these are wonderful!!! No wonder you love scrapbooking so much - you are really good at it.

I love your attitude about the cake. Rather than getting upset, you've turned it into a funny tradition. That's so great. :)

Amy said...

Mindee-- When I went to Sam's to pick up the cake they couldn't find it, of course. When they did they felt terrible and offered to re-make it. I told them it was fine and thought it was funny, so they gave it to me free of charge. Loved that....funny and free!