Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Year Without Blogging

Hello old blog and maybe old blog friends if you are still there!

It's been officially one year when I last visited you.  I am sorry it's been so long, but playing games like Song Pop and Pinterest have taken over my life and scrapbooking and my love for my Kindle.  I have only read a handful of other people's blogs and most of them were through Pinterest to give me some great crafting ideas that I pin to a board that I may never use.  Okay, so those are just excuses but, I don't think I had anything pertinent to say and now, I am sure I still don't. ;)

Well....not much has changed since I last blogged 365 days ago.  The kids are all a year older and so am I.  I am still teaching Kindergarten and my husband is still employed as a Land Surveyor.  Tyler is now beginning his sophomore year of high school.  His freshman year went very well and he was able to make honor roll along with playing three sports (football, wrestling and baseball).  Madison will start a new adventure and begin middle school at Dawes in a little over a week.  She continues to love soccer with all of her heart and plans on playing clarinet this next school year.  Grant has moved on from preschool and will begin his kindergarten year right next door to me at Campbell Elementary.  We still have both dogs and as is good.

In fact, we had a fabulous family day today in Omaha where we visited our amazing zoo and caught a baseball game at Werner Park to watched the Storm Chasers lose 2-4.  It was a beautiful day with highs in the 80's which was such a nice change from our month long (maybe longer) temps in the 100's.

Here are a few photos from today's adventure....
 Tyler took this up close picture of a 16 year old, three legged female Siberian Tiger, which was so beautiful!  He really got some great detail in the photo considering he had to take the photo through two fences.  Oh, those eyes!
 This was my picture of a different tiger, which I thought was neat until I saw Tyler's version.
 Looking at this picture makes me feel skinny.  I like that! 
 I love giraffes, but this is not one of my better pictures.
 If I was an animal (other than the human kind) I would want to be this bird.  It's my favorite color!
 I think this was the first time we ever visited the zebras.  They are housed off the more traveled path at the Omaha Zoo, but their stripes are so trendy.  I had to take a picture.
Finally, a photo of my three favorite animals of all!