Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baseball & Berry Picking

Can you believe this? Two days in a row blogging. I really don't know who reads this stuff about the Broekers or who really cares, but I guess this helps me with my knowledge of my photos when I come back to scrapbook it.

Today Tyler's team (Blue Chips) played in a tourney in Seward. The first game was awesome with a score of 19 to 2. Tyler got the three outs in the final inning playing second base. The boys had their bats going and all was well.....
and then they played their second game.
The grandparents (photo courtesy of Grant) came to watch this one. Well, the outcome was slightly different with a loss of 14 to 6. Tyler did get a couple outs at 2nd again and he hit a triple!
Bummer, I don't think my parent have yet to see a winning game.
We call this the "relative factor" and it holds true for both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles and probably long lost cousins if they came. Ugh!
Grant did enjoy a nice snow cone.

Then it was off to Roca Berry Farm to use our gift certificate for 10 pounds of strawberries.
Here we are just beginning to pick...
It's back breaking work.
Grant loved picking strawberries and asked if we could do this all the time.
Sorry, Grant, this only happens for 3 weeks in June.
Nebraska is not a strawberry growing state as you can see. I believe Tyler is holding the largest berry found for the day.
This is the only photo that's not blurry of me. It looks like I am holding cherries.
The kids are showing their stained hands after our picking activity.
We picked 8.6 pounds!
Now what am I going to do with them?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer is Here

Hello again! After the longest stint away from blogging, I thought I'd post again. I have no excuse for not posting now that I'm finally into my second week off of work. There are no good reasons now for my procrastination except for maybe....
Tyler's U14 baseball games. This is Tyler's final year of youth sports now that he's entering high school this fall. Tyler continues to play 2nd base and loves it. He's had a good year "at bat", but has not hit a home run since the day Michael Jackson died. How could I forget...two historical events in one day.
Madison also finished up her soccer season playing goalie and a mid-fielder. She loves this game and I look forward to seeing years of her playing it. Now she's currently taking a theater class where she learned to be a glass of water on Tuesday. This does make a mother proud. (ha, ha) She also is playing softball with the name Toros. I enjoy cheering, "Go Lawnmowers!"
Grant has his sports too now, which is enough to send me completely crazy. I did bring this on myself. He's in his second year of Little Greens Track and will begin T-ball on Sunday. More opportunities for scrapbooking for me!
Oh, in case you are curious, we still have Miss Penny the Shiz-tzu/Pound Puppyl She's darn cute, but does enjoy eating Grant's shoes. Grrr! We just give her loads of raw hide bones and everyone is happy. Ranger still tolerates her also. He does look at her like, "Where do you get all your energy?"

I also decided to post two things that made me happy today....
Huge sale at Bath and Body Works! I received a wonderful gift card from my neighbor and used it on some great buys. Woo hoo!
And the UPS guy delivered my Scentsy kit today!!! Yay! My house smells wonderful, just wish it looked wonderfully tidy too. My web addy is you want to check it out.

On a sad note, Lincoln Public Schools lost their District Office over Memorial Day weekend. It's unimaginable all that's lost, thankfully not my job and of course, not my classroom.
Still as awful sight to see, but the community will rally and all will be well again!