Friday, July 17, 2009

My favorite Tyler layouts's Tyler's turn on my favorites. Many of these aren't really my best work, but the pictures well make up for it. This one is a great example of it.
This is 10 years ago....potty training Tyler. Maybe I should have an anniversary party for him. I am sure he'd appreciate it. LOL I doubt I'll do that, but I will definitely show Grant what is expected of him. The reason why I chose this one because of his facial gestures. Notice how his face turns redder in the pictures and the newspaper that's being "read" upside down...hilarious!
Here is the layout that I mentioned yesterday about my grandmother's poetry. This particular poem was published in Humpty Dumpty magazine back in the early 80's. I intentionally took the pictures of Tyler with this poem in mind and then created the layout.
I like the simpleness of this layout. I like the bold green, black and white and little Tyler the athlete. Who knew that I'd be making dozens of sporting pages for him!
This layout is the one layout that I made first and then dressed the kids up in coordinating colors and had a "fashion shoot". I haven't done it since and probably won't. I already have too many event pictures to scrapbook. I don't need to create additional work for myself. The poem on this page is darling...enlarge it and see.
This layout is much like Madison's dance recital one. This is what I dreamed of Tyler doing for a while longer and becoming my Eagle Scout. However, Tyler saw this much differently than I did and it soon went by the wayside. My friend Mindee, who blogs, has her husband and son in this layout. Sorry Mindee it's not a better picture!


Mamma has spoken said...

Isn't funny how what we hope and aspire for our children, they have a way of seeing it differently? Yours was dance and Eagle Scout, mine was piano, music, and moving out. Oh well, love them any way ;o)

Tracey said...

The "potty page" is so funny. I am sure Tyler appreciates it. LOL

BTW, the tennis shoes are Saucony. (the ones I finally bought)

And does Dave really look like Survivorman? Maybe that's why I am "attracted" to him? LOL

Mindee said...

That's a wonderful picture of Hayden's tush. :) I sooooo don't miss Cub Scouts. Sorry it was your dream.

Tyler is a good sport. If I posted that potty page on the internet, my kids would shoot me.