Monday, March 2, 2009

Thoughtful Child

This past weekend Andy and I had an ongoing conversation about taking the two older children on a trip to Disney World.  This trip has been talked about prior to the birth of Grant, but with his arrival the trip never materialized.  We've even talked about waiting until Grant is old enough to go, but realize Tyler would be in his mid-teens and probably wouldn't want to at that point.  So, with every LPS break, I mope around about the fact that we still haven't gone and am already feeling the blues about another break without Disney.  

I am now "determined" (my word for 2009) to take the four of us to Disney over fall break when I turn 39.  Andy, the reasonable one in the family, said, "The economy is bad, we don't have any money, etc."  This was overheard by the darling daughter who placed this homemade envelope under my pillow last night....It says, "To help with the Disney Place here is $8.00 in this bag."  That note and 8 -0ne dollar bills just about brought tears to my eyes.  Oh, sweet child of mine!  Madison, I now say that you "sealed the deal" on this Disney vacation!  


Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet of Madison. That is our granddaughter!

Grandma Betty

Mindee said...

That is the sweetest thing EVER.

Tracey said...

I know you'll have fun!!