Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Day...just for me!

Today I did something I've never done before...taken a school day off just for myself.  I've taken a day off for doctors' appointments, sickness and funerals, but never a day for me.  It was wonderful!  

This is what I did....(in case you are curious?!)

1.  I went to work to get my plans all ready for the Guest Teacher and she wasn't who I thought I was getting, but she did a wonderful job!  That was a surprise! 

2.  I went to McDonald's for a juice and sandwich.  Friendly people...they told me to have a nice day.  I was almost compelled to tell them it was my day off, but realized they really don't care.

3.  I drove to the southside of Lincoln and went shopping.  I bought new toss pillows for my bed from Pier 1.  I also went to Barnes and Noble and went nuts.  I bought a book on scrapbooking (go figure) and a Bible that you can read in a year.  It's broken down for one to read in that kind of time frame.  If I get that done that will go on my 40 x 40 project.  I also went and purchased Tyler's confirmation gifts, which I can't disclose because he may read this.

4.  I visited a scrapbooking store that should have taken 10 minutes, but then took 50.

5.  I drove back to the northside of Lincoln to go out to eat at Quizno's with my friend and neighbor Tracey Black.  That was great fun!  Thanks, Tracey!  

6.  Tracey and I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and found a hot pot, so I can make this delicious carmel tea for my co-workers next week. (It was going to be tomorrow, but you will see why at the end of this blog). 

7.  I made a couple phone get the dog groomed and to still try to get the Project 365 KOTM....I just won't give up!  No luck, yet!

8.  I went and donated blood at the Community Blood Bank today.  I have never done that before and it wasn't so bad.  I was done in 7 minutes and 52 seconds.  Wow!  They let me put my feet up, gave me drinks and cookies, a cool t-shirt and one of those new recycling bags.  This was ALMOST as good as getting a pedicure, but cheaper.  It was FREE.  Now, really, how many things in life are free!  Good point, huh?

9.  I vacuumed and washed the van today.  Looks fabulous until the next snow storm! 

10.  I enjoyed the 77 degree weather and with no kids!  That's until they came home from school! Bummer!  

11.  THEN I went to pick up Grant at Christi's house to find he has a 102 degree temperature!  UGH!  

12.  I realized I jinxed myself by taking a day off to now have to take another day off for a sick child.  Darn it!  


missy said...

sorry about grant. but i'm so happy that you had such a wonderful day! you deserve it!

Mindee said...

I know - I wanted to take a personal day today but was afraid that wouold mean I'd have a sick kid next week.

Glad you had a good day!

Anonymous said...

Great posting today Amy. Sounds like you had a great time--I have been wanting one of them as well. No not the sick kid though.
Have a good weekend. Lisa Ford

Anonymous said...

I NEED to take a day off for myself too!! I'll have yo check the weather forecast first!! :)

Angie E.