Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Days 86-90

Tuesday, March 24th - Madison and I made a "healthy" snack for a Brownie Scout project.  Madison was so proud that she found a recipe at school that we just had to make it.  I didn't have the nerve to tell her that her Chango Bar recipe wasn't that nutritious.  It required chocolate chips, butter, margarine and loads of sugar.  They did taste pretty good and all the boys in the household had no problem finishing up the pan.  
Wednesday, March 25th - Tyler spent much of his spring break riding bikes around with his friend Jalen, so I thought it was appropriate for that to be Wednesday's picture.  
Thursday, March 26th - Here's Cindy, Sherri and Krista at Anthropologie in Omaha.  It was a day with co-workers and friends shopping, eating and just having fun!  Cindy did end up with the darling skirt, which she had misgivings about purchasing it.  It was very cute on her, so we talked her into getting it.
Friday, March 27th - A fun day at the Omaha zoo with the family.  It was bitterly cold, so we did all the indoor exhibits, which did take a few hours.  We saw the Desert Dome, Rainforest, Aquarium, Gorilla Complex and the new Butterfly Papillion.  
Saturday, March 28th - Yes, another Scrapfest at SCC.  Oh, happy day!  It's always a good day when it's a scrapbooking day.  I didn't get as much done as usual, but I did enjoy the day talking, eating and cropping!  


Tracey said...

Great week!
And, I am sure there was some healthful benefit to the chango bars. Right? It had to be healthier than what I fed her today. LOL

missy said...

they have an anthropologie in omaha????!!! how did i not know this fact?