Sunday, March 29, 2009

Top Banana & Spring Break List

First of all, I wanted to show you that I have a wonderful husband.  I asked him to take a plastic banana and attach it to an old trophy we had lying around the house and he did...probably a little reluctantly.  My "Handy Andy"!  Now I am able to have a "Top Banana Award" for my classroom.  I decided that I would place this motivating and fabulous award on the table that looks the neatest...with pencils and crayons put away and chairs pushed in.  I have been trying to instill in my students that they really need to become more responsible for their belongings and leave the room a little neater.  I know Merl, our custodian, will appreciate the effort.

I had a "Top Banana" award when I was in 1st grade and remember it well.  The award went to the classroom that was the quietest in the lunchroom.  I recall walking into the lunch room daily and looking to see if the poster of a banana was sitting above my table from our day's before performance.  Oh, to be top banana.  What a great memory!  Of course, we never had a cool plastic banana trophy like this one!

Second of all, I wanted to share with you that I ALMOST completed everything on my Spring Break list.  

 1.  Paint the walls  (As you saw, I modified this...painting the walls was overrated, so I chose Mixed Media instead).  

*2.  Vacuum out van  (Done, but now needs to be done again. Ugh!)  

*3.  Barnes & Noble with Sherri  (Yes, we went with many much younger and very gothic Twilight fans) 

 4.  Project 365 kit up to date (Kind of, I did get a lot of it done, but there's still lots of journaling left)  

*5.  Dog groomed (Yup!  Ranger looks like a schnauzer again instead of a sheep dog)

*6.  SCC Scrapfest (You betcha!  I had a great time!)

 7.  Report card done (I stress out about these until the last minute, so until that deadline is up, I can't ever consider it done.)

*8.  Bathrooms cleaned  (I scrubbed three bathrooms from top to bottom and for what?!  They need cleaning again!)

*9.  Shrine Circus (The kids had fun and I enjoyed seeing them take it all in.)

*10.  An outing with my co-workers (We were going to Raette's lake house, but plans changed, so we went shopping in Omaha and hung out at Cindy's.  I had a great time and didn't get home until 3:00 am.  Isn't that nice to enjoy hanging out with co-workers?  A wonderful thing!)

*11.  Baking with Madison (I helped Madison make a Mexican dessert for a Brownie patch and we did it!)

*12.  Sleep in until 7:30 (I slept in this morning until 8:00, so that one was met too!)

That sums up my Spring Break...I had a glorious week and wish that I could get a repeat! I guess all good things must come to an end! 


missy said...

love the top banana award! you got a lot done over break...way to go!

Mindee said...

I am super impressed with how much you got done. Do you have extra hours in your day? Ant the TB award is too cute. :)

Tracey said...

Keep us updated if the Top Banana award is motivating to your students. I hope it does the trick. :)

Kim said...

ha! i love the top banana award! i've been meaning to stop by and say hello ever since you dropped me a note. i hope the kids love the trophy!