Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boy & His Dog

This is what I see when I walk into Tyler's bedroom late at night.  Tyler asleep and Ranger, our Schnauzer, snuggling in bed together.  I know people sleep with their pets, but Ranger acts like he's human with his head on the pillow.  I don't know how Tyler can stand it...the smell and the lack of space.  I think the smell would be my first concern.  I am not a dog person, but this dog is sweet.  I HAVE to love an animal who puts up with Grant's abuse.  However, yuck!  I will not let this pet (no matter what doggie face he give me) sleep with me even when the two older ones are at sleepovers.  This dog does want to sleep in my bed if both Tyler and Maddy are gone, but I won't allow it.  I am terrible, huh?!  You know this dog will pick the couch for a bed over sleeping with Grant.  Smart dog!  

I have a question for all of you...Tyler will be going through Confirmation at our church in a couple weeks.  I want to give him a special gift for all of his work he's put into church, community and fellowship functions and activities.  Do you have any suggestions for a gift for a twelve year old boy?  Maybe you're thinking dog bed?  That one crossed my mind! :)


missy said...

that picture is so cute! tate begs for me to allow ruby to sleep with him, but we don't allow the dog upstairs. i can't keep up with the shedding on the main floor as it is.

about the gift. it would be neat to have a gift that would fit the occasion instead of just a video game or something. although most 12 year old boys would dig some kind of electronic gift the most. would he be excited about a night out alone with mom and dad that could include dinner at his favorite restaurant and then maybe him picking something out at target or the mall? it seems like that is giving the gift of "time", while also giving him something tangible. i could definitely have fun coming up with several gifts that could relate creatively to different aspects of give him a watch or cool alarm clock and have a note that says "God is never late. He is always on time in answering prayer" or the verse in Ecc. "there is a time for everything...". i'm weird like that though. sorry for the long post.

Anonymous said...

Amy, very cute picture. We are total dog lovers, so this is common at our house, but Dawson only likes me and follows me everywhere I go. But likes the bathroom floor now--cooler I guess. Gotta love a dog. Lisa Ford

Mindee said...

Missy always has the BEST ideas! I was going to say video game but I love the watch suggestion.

Hayden and his dog sleep exactly like that. It grosses me out too, but they're both happy. I just make sure Hayden showers in the morning so he doesn't go through his day smelling like poodle.

Tracey said...

That pix is similar to Joey and Mikey. Sometimes Mike goes to sleep with Jessi lately. I think it's because Joey is getting too big to share space with on the bed. I don't think Mikey likes it any. There is more room with Jessi. :)
I think the gift you ended up getting Tyler is absolutely perfect!!