Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Days 81-85

Thursday, March 19th - Madison had her first Spirit soccer game of the season. Go Wildcats! They did lose 6 or 7 to nothing, but who's counting? I liked this picture of Tyler challenging Madison to make a goal on him after the game.
Friday, March 20th - It's Shrine Circus time again! We go every year and I think the show is the same every year. I do enjoy watching Grant's expression during the performance. He loved the elephants. The clowns he did not...as you can see by this photo.
Saturday, March 21st - It was Twilight night at Barnes and Noble and Sherri Macfee and I went to compete against all the fifteen year olds in Lincoln. Here we are doing multiple choice Twilight trivia. The looks on our faces are hilarious! Of course, Sherri scored a perfect score and I was tied for last place. The gal who was running the trivia, is my former librarian at Lakeview, Beth McCracken. It was fun seeing her there!
Sunday, March 22nd - Madison took out a homemade kite she created last year at Girl Scouts and took it for a test run. It worked beautifully! How impressive...to get a kite made by an 8 year old to fly!
Monday, March 23rd - We went to a "Diva Girl" purse party at Lisa Ford's house. I had Madison pick up a few for a fun pic! I did find a cute polka-dotted one that was calling my name.


kellerman said...

a good teacher,a lovely teacher

missy said...

i am DYING about you and sheri being in the trivia contest with 15 year olds. that picture cracks me up! love the shirts. after reading the dang series 4 times, she BETTER get a perfect score!