Friday, March 6, 2009

Days 61-65

I had some difficulties loading these pictures, so that's why there was a time delay! 
Friday, Feb. 27th - Not much excitement at the Broeker's.  We went to Target tonight after school because all the kids needed new socks.  Grant was thrilled with his selection!
Saturday, Feb. 28th - Madison delivered cookies around the neighborhood and our neighbor, Scott Holz, decided he would "ham it up" for the camera for this transaction!  
Sunday, March 1st - Tyler is practicing his pitching at Blue Chips with Coach Smutny.  
Monday, March 2nd - GNO at 9th Street Grill - present:  Lisa Ford, Carrie Bode, Jodi Vanek, Jen Pinyan, Anne Holz, Tracey Black, Allison Bruggeman and me.  Good food, good conversation and great fun! 
Tuesday, March 3rd - I learned on Sunday how to do Project 365 digitally.  This would be one more thing I can add to things I've never done before.  This picture shows off the new 4 x 6 sleeves that I found today at Ben Franklin Too (Thanks, Lisa, for the gift card).  I am still hoping to get the 365 kit because I'd love to embellish my scrapbook with the overlays and stickers!  I don't think I can go total digital...not as much fun! 

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