Saturday, February 28, 2009

Days 56-60

It was a busy week for us, so here's what we've been up to...
Sunday, Feb. 22nd - Grandpa Tracy spent the night with us.  He had an appointment for his truck the next day at the dealership down the street.  So here is Grandpa reading books to Grant and little did he know that he would have to read about a dozen until Grant's done listening.  This picture shows exactly what Grant's room looks big mess! 
Monday, Feb. 23rd - Andy is making dinner tonight as usual.  Cooking just isn't my thing!  Tonight we were having Andy's famous grilled cheese sandwiches and soup! :) This is a typical night at our house. 
Tuesday, Feb. 24th - PLC Day - Early Dismissal -PLC means Professional Learning Community, which happens once a month and the students are dismissed about 1 1/2 hours early, so we can discuss our SMART goals and discuss strategies to get all of our students on grade level.  Pictured:  Sherri Macfee, Raette Bahe, Kristi Green, Krista Wells, Cindy Lloyd, Kerry Boehler, Sherry Kaup, and Cindy's student teacher Frannie. 
Wednesday, Feb. 25th - Ash Wednesday - We went to church at St. Mark's and ran into the Francis family, which is Andy's cousin and her kids, so we sat with them.  Poor them because Grant was awful!  He had to be removed when he continued talking and screaming about Nemo.  He's got a fish thing going on right now.  Well...I can say that I've never been to an Ash Wednesday service before, so this could very well go on my list of 40 things by age 40.  
Thursday, Feb. 26th - Parent/Teacher Conferences at Goodrich - Here is Tim Brown who is Tyler's favorite teacher this year and one that will surely leave a lasting impression on Tyler in the years to come.  Tyler said to me last fall, "Mom, this guy is so funny.  He tells great jokes and he makes learning fun!"  My hats off to you, Mr. Brown!  I truly appreciate a teacher who can make science interesting, but also do it with humor. 

By the way, Tyler had a great report from all of his teachers concerning his academic performance...his only problem is blushing when the girls are teasing him.  I guess this is somewhat of a distraction...imagine that! 


missy said...

did raette position herself to be hidden behind sherri on purpose since she adores pictures so much? :)

Amy said...

I don't know if Raette even knew I was taking a picture, but you can bet she's glad you can't tell it's her. She is a funny lady! I enjoy working with her!

Mindee said...

How exactly do you wind up with a husband who cooks? I promise that if I didn't do it we'd wind up with take out or cereal every night.