Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Days 66-70

Two things I wanted to mention...I am still soda free after 14 days.  I can't believe it myself!  This is a tough one.  And I DID get a Project 365 kit from Creating Keepsakes!  I now need to decide if I still want to go digital and use half of my items OR go totally by the kit and hand write my journaling.  I'll have to see once I get the kit later this week. 
Wednesday, March 4th - It was a nice day, so I asked if I could get a picture of Sebastian and Grant on Christi's front steps.  They are two little terrors, both born on the same day at the same hospital.  Don't they just look like trouble?  In fact, they escaped from Christi's backyard last week by climbing over a chain link fence.  
Thursday, March 5th - My personal day!  Yay!  I enjoyed the day and did manage to go donate some blood for the good of the cause.  I didn't pass out, which I was worried about. 
Friday, March 6th - Grant is home sick, of course, so am I (the home part only).  Here he is lounging on my bed with my new pretty pillows from Pier 1 Imports.  Aren't they lovely?  
Saturday, March 7th - Grandpa Oogie snagged some free Husker baseball tickets for us while he was at the Husker game yesterday.  We had two seats for both Saturday and Sunday. Madison got the really cold day with Dad at the game.  (The lady who took this photo scrapbooks.)
Sunday, March 8th - This day was Tyler's turn to go to the game with Dad.  (This person didn't take as good of a picture as the previous one.  Probably not a scrapbooker!) 


Mindee said...

Oh Amy! You got one! Congrats.

And you let the sick kid on your new pillows? You are a VERY nice mommy.

Anonymous said...

How did you get a kit?? I want one!!

I'm so jealous!!


Tracey said...

After hearing you lament the 365 kit, I am excited you were able to snag one. Yeah!!! How did you manage it?
I really like your bedspread with the cool pillows. Very nice!