Sunday, March 15, 2009

Days 71-75

The next five days I highlighted one family member for each day.  
Monday, March 9th - Grant got a hold of a sucker, unfortunately.  I realized it's just easier to watch him enjoy it at the table instead of taking it away.  He was good for ten licks and he had enough.  When he was finished he handed it to me saying "all done".  
Tuesday, March 10th - Here's Tyler "vegging" on the couch and texting one of his friends.  He doesn't text as much as I thought he would, so the $5 a month charge works for us!  
Wednesday, March 11th -  We went to eat at McDonald's tonight instead of me cooking and made a stop at my room.  I am doing some quick scoring on a few assessments and asked Tyler to take a picture of me at my "desk".  I prefer not having a real desk and use this kidney shaped table instead.  I feel that a teacher desk would just become a dumping ground of endless paperwork.  This space I HAVE to clean it off since the kids work around the table with me daily.


Tracey said...

I love Grant's picture. So cute!
I have to tell you after your comments about having to keep your desk/table clean that I think your room and desk is always spic and span.:)

Trisha said...

Madison is getting so big.