Sunday, March 22, 2009

Days 76-80

It's Spring Break and I can now get caught up on all my pictures...YEAH!
Saturday, March 14th - Grant's baptism was tonight at the 5pm evening service at St. Mark's. Our intention was to get him baptized when he was an infant, but I am such a procrastinator, that I didn't quite get it done.  I thought since both sets of grandparents were coming for Tyler's confirmation, that this weekend was perfect. Grant did nice job behaving himself during the service, too!
Sunday, March 15th - Today was Tyler's confirmation day along with about sixty other junior high students.  Tyler put a lot of time and hard work into this with classes, fellowship and volunteer projects.  I was very proud of him!  Way to go, Tyler!  Tyler now receives an allowance, so he can pay his tithe to the church.  
Monday, March 16th - Madison had soccer practice out at Air Park, so Grant went along and had fun playing in the dirt.  It was a beautiful day for outdoor play! 
Tuesday, March 17th - It's Parent-Teacher conferences for 2nd grade.  Madison went with me to the conference and she had a great report.  She's a hard worker, kind to others and a terrific writer.  I couldn't ask for more.  Madison is pictured with her teacher Mrs. Jochum and student teacher Ms. Lewis.  
Wednesday, March 18th - Oh, happy day!  I FINALLY received my long awaited KOTM - Project 365.  I am now trying to decide how I'll go about doing or mixed?!  I'll sure have fun playing around with it!  


Anonymous said...

Congrats, you finally have your kit! I hope you have loads of fun with it. I know whatever you decide, digital or paper, it will turn out great!

Tracey said...

So excited you finally were able to get one of the 365 kits.
I am glad confirmation and baptism went well. I'll have to get with you sometime so you can tell me all about it. :) Did Tyler like his gift?