Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Money, Heaven & Two Grade School Girls

I know that my neighbor and friend Tracey has blogged about the conversations between our two daughters, Jessi and Madison before, but I must share this one from yesterday.  This story is being told while they are sitting in the back seat of my minivan on the way home from school. It goes something like this...(I hope I can quote it just right.)

Jessi:  Madison, have you ever been to California?  My great-Grandfather use to live there.

Madison:  No, I haven't.  We don't have as much money as you guys do.
(Amy talking...This is how the money topic got started.)

Jessi:  Well, my pastor at church was saying that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have lots and lots of money.  He also said that they can't even take $100 with them when they go to heaven.  

Madison:  Yeah, I know that.  The only thing you can take with you are the clothes you have on when you die.  (Madison is being serious!)

Jessi:  No, you can't even take your clothes, Madison.

Madison:  What?  You mean I have to go to heaven naked? 
(I am about to drive on a sidewalk now due to uncontrollable laughter.)

Jessi:  No, my Mom said that you get to wear white robes.  She's pretty sure about that!  (Jessi was very serious and sounded very knowledgeable on the topic, which was darn cute!)

Madison:  Oh, good! (Madison looked pretty relieved.)


Tracey said...

I love it!!
I have always loved their conversations.....very very cute!!!

missy said...

this is so adorable! they give you guys some great material, huh? hope you enjoyed my blog love. thanks so much for passing on the obsession. i looked up when the movie was coming out earlier today b/c i was thinking it would be a good way for me to be reunited with my old friends.

Mindee said...

I am SO GLAD to hear that heaven won't be full of a bunch of naked people! Ick!

Carrie said...

That was awesome!! I miss Maddy & Jessi and their great conversations!

A.H. said...

That's hilarious!!!!

becky said...

this story is so cute!!! thanks for sharing it. it reminds me of a book i love, called "a monster is bigger than 9" by claire ericksen. it's a compilation of quotes from kids at a daycare. since you are a teacher and appreciator of the wonderful things kids think about and say, i think you might like that book too.
i came across your blog because my last name is broeker too (actually, it's becky uhler now). i googled "broeker" and ended up here..... and now i've been here for an hour reading your fun posts! i just have to comment...... i used to be a nanny for two girls who were two years apart, and one of my favorite parts of being a nanny was listening to the unedited conversations that happened in the back seat! although i wanted to chime in sometimes, i usually did not because i didn't want to ruin their feeling that they were in their own little world back there with noone listening (that would mean they might become self-conscious and begin to edit what they say - and i would miss out!).
i love your music selection, amy. you've introduced me to some new musicians who'll probably become staples in my music collection! i wonder if you know about anne heaton?
anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog. i've enjoyed it! in case you feel intruded upon, i will share a bit of myself with you to balance things out. i don't have a blog, but i do have a website - please feel free to check it out!: