Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break To-Do List

I love, love, love making lists.  If you can't tell...many of my blogs are lists.  I thought I'd do a top 12 things to do over Spring Break, which is nine glorious days!  I'll see how many of these things I can accomplish over break.  Some are really fun, some are definitely not!

1.  Paint the north wall in the living room and maybe the west wall too.  (I definitely don't like to do this.)

2.  Vacuum out the van and wash it.  (Why?  It will only be dirty again next week.)

3.  Go to Barnes and Noble with Sherri for a Twilight kick-off with all the 15 year olds in Lincoln tomorrow night.  (Fun times!)  This may go on my 40 x 40 list.

4.  Put my 365 kit together and get it caught up to date.

5.  Get the dog groomed!  He looks raggedy!

6.  Scrapbook at SCC for 15 hours!  Yeah!  This won't be hard to do.

7.  Do report cards...unfortunately not done, but that's why I get a break to do it, right?

8.  Scrub all three bathrooms from top to bottom.  (I think this is one notch better than painting.)

9.  Go with the family to the Shrine Circus...tonight.

10.  Go to Raette's cabin for the day with the Kindergarten Team!  Can't wait!

11.  Make a healthy snack with Madison for a Brownie patch.   Report how that turns out on Tuesday.

12.  Sleep in at least one day until 7:30!  This will be an impossible task with Grant, but I'll try.

Okay...that's all my plans.  I'll let you know how that goes.  Happy Spring!!!


Mindee said...

Amy - it's only NINE days, not NINETEEN!

Trisha said...

I love to paint. I am free Thursday or Friday if you want help. Let me know.

Tracey said...

Sounds like a great week off.