Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ode to My Flower

I've created a poem in loving memory of the flower that once graced the entrance of my home.  Sniff, sniff!  Okay...I am not a poet, but I'll try my best!  Here it goes....


I had a door flower that was so very neat,
In fact, it could be seen from my busy street.

This flower never needed any kind of water,
That's the reason why I bought 'er.

I loved you and adored you for two whole seasons,
That's why I couldn't wait to hang you up again for that reason.

Now that you're gone, my door looks oh, so plain,
Hey really have something to explain.

I hope you enjoy MY pretty white daisy,
I wish you'd know that stealing is just plain crazy!

If only I could make that darn flower now wilt,
I'd have some satisfaction and leave you riddled with guilt! 

I know with time, this too shall pass,
As for now, dear thief, you can kiss my.......(flower!)

Okay, I am now feeling much better!  Of course, I am still ticked off, but my Dad made a good point.  I only noticed that today it was gone, but it could have been missing for up to a week or more.  So, if I didn't notice sooner, how really attached was I?  I guess I feel a little more violated and vulnerable than the loss of the flower.  Right?!  


missy said...

your poem is so clever! i am sorry about your flower. i have one too and i would be so sad if it was stolen. when i put my out, i will attach some sort of electric shock so as to ward off would be thieves.

Amy said...

Missy...The electric shock thing came to my mind too. I will now lock my storm door next time I hang anything there.

grumble, grumble!

Trisha said...

Fix the pencil sharpener and your flower will return. Just kidding it wasn't me. I have seen them in a flip-flop shape. You should get that one next and yeah, lock the door. So sad.

Mindee said...

Think of it as a compliment to your taste and decorating skills.

Or one of the kids broke it and took it out and buried it and is letting you believe it was stolen. ;)

A.H. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your lovely flower. :(

As soon as I read this I rushed out hoping they also stole the two old satellite dishes Direct TV left sitting in my flower garden... but no such luck. LOL

Tracey said...

These things are always a wake-up call to all of us in the neighborhood. Nasty bad people out there!!