Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mine! Mine!

Do you recall the really annoying seagulls from the animated movie "Finding Nemo"?  These birds said only one word "mine" every time they found something edible.  Their chorus of the word "mine" makes me think of my two year old, Grant.  This is his favorite word lately.  It was cute the first (maybe) ten times I've heard it, but now it's just irritating like those seagulls.  This is what I hear in a typical Grant day....

Grant, go get your blanket for Christi's.   Grant grabs it and responses with, "Mine!"  

I am hanging up Grant's clothes in his closet as he watches me.   "Mine!" is his proud reply.   I say, you don't suppose they're Tyler's do you?  "No, mine!," states Grant.

Or when he hugs and gives his favorite parent (not me) kisses...Grant joyfully says, "My Daddy!"  

All I can say Grant....this too shall pass and I do love you every minute of every day and I'm sure glad to say you are MINE!  


missy said...

sweet, sweet post.

Tracey said...

Absolutely PRECIOUS!
I love you too, Grant! You're adorable!

Trisha said...

Nice shirt

Jennifer Golden said...

First, thanks for the kind comments on my Vive Le Pepe post!

The've been keeping my fingers crossed that we avoid those, but since we have recently given my 2 year old a new baby brother I'm positive I'll be hearing the Mine chant soon!

By the way, I thought that scene in Finding Nemo was husband and I used to mimick it all the time. But now that I have a child I can see how it just wouldn't be funny at all. :|

- Jenn, a Washington, DC Blogger