Monday, November 2, 2009

October Photo Hunt Challenge

I almost didn't participate in this month's contest. It was a hectic month with work, the flu bug and a wonderful trip to Disney World. I took over 1,225 pictures last week at WDW, so I had plenty to chose from for this photo hunt. All of these photos were taken in October, no archives were necessary.
1. A Fall Activity - at a local pumpkin patch
2. Fall Treat - candy apples at Downtown Disney
3. A Harvest - Hydroponic plants at Epcot
4. Leaves - a beautiful tree located in Northeast Lincoln
5. Fall Colors - a scarecrow in the town square at Magic Kingdom
6 Something Orange - The banner for the Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom
7. Something Spooky - Not So Scary Mickey Parade at Magic Kingdom
8. A Cemetery - Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom
9. A Costume - My 3 kids at Halloween
10. Black/White Photo - taken the day after an unusual snowfall on October 11th in Lincoln
11. A Critter - Tyler caught a small lizard at Epcot (friendly fellow)
12. Symmetry - cupcake decorating at a Brownie Meeting
13. Constrast - Tyler and the sphere at Epcot
14. Texture - (the best I could do) new jammies at Grant's birthday party
15. Logo/Mascot - Mickey himself at a parade in Magic Kingdom
16. Something Neon - a sign at the Port Orleans' French Quarter Resort
17. Something Inspiring - The castle at Magic Kingdom
18. Something Entertaining - Lady Tremaine teasing Tyler
19. Something Fast - a car at Test Track
20. Something Slow - watching Tyler eat ribs at Planet Hollywood (slowest eater ever!)


B said...

Nice collection and it looks like a really fun trip! I liked the critter shot best. B.

Mamma has spoken said...

Love all the pictures! Though did I read the picture with the scarecrow right, $150 for 5 minutes in the bounce house and $15 for 4 minutes? What's up with that?

missy said...

love getting to see some disney pix. your kids all looked great on halloween!

Mindee said...

Now see - you did the challenge and got vacation pix up. You are a super multi-tasker.

Jesy said...

Love the Disney pictures, makes me want to go again tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Amy! I knew you could get this worked into your busy schedule this time. Love the Disney pics and will be anxious to see all of them.


Michelle said...

Great job on the photo hunt. I enjoyed seeing so many fun pictures from Disney World.

Krisu said...

I'm glad you took part, you have some wonderful collection of photos here!

K said...

Disney sure is a great setting for a photo hunt!! Nice work, and it looks like your family had a wonderful month together besides.

Teachinfourth said...

That is one great tree in Northeast Lincoln. Also, great shot of the lizard; that thing is tiny!

Carolyn Ford said...

Epcot! Love that place! You collected some fun entries!

Kristi said...

Great collection, Amy! Glad you were able to use the photos you took at WDW to get the challenge finished!

Allegria said...

These are great. Neat little critter, and the neon sign? Jealous jealous. Much better than my "open" sign. LOL