Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Thanksgiving Heritage

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours tomorrow! I thought it would be super neat to share with you my family's genealogy that dates back to the Mayflower. Okay...maybe not so much for you, but humor me anyway.

My late and dear Grandmother was very good at keeping her family history and, of course, very proud too. So, with a little help from the internet and from late Grandmother's records, I was able to complete all the missing links to this small branch on my family tree.

Captain Myles Standish Genealogy

Captain Myles Standish

Born in Chorley, Lancashire, England in 1584

Married (1st) Rose who died in 1621

Married (2nd) in 1623 to Barbara (they had 7 children together)

Died October 3, 1656 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony

Josiah Standish (1st Gen.)

Born in 1633 in Duxbury or Plymouth

Married Sarah Allen in 1655

Died March 19, 1690

Samuel Standish (2nd Gen.)

Born in 1680 in Duxbury

Married Deborah Gates in 1709

Died August 4, 1753 in Preston, CT

Thomas Standish (3rd Gen.)

Born May 12, 1724

Married Sarah Williams on December 22, 1757

Died March 3, 1799

Lydia Standish (4th Gen.)

Born April 21, 1761 in Norwich, CT

Married October 15, 1778 to Abraham Meacham in Williamstown, Mass.

Died September 15, 1844

Daniel Meacham (5th Gen.)

Born January 5, 1784

Married November 30, 1806 to Esther Brownson, at Pawlet, Vermont

Died April 1, 1839 at Chicago, Illinois

Milo Fitch Meacham (6th Gen.)

Born April 11, 1817 at Brandon, Vermont

Married February 9, 1841 to Rhodilla Eugenia Dodge, at Milton, Illinois

Died September 21, 1862 at Corinth, Mississippi

Arabella Meacham Cook (7th Gen.)

Born July 10, 1851 in Danby, Illinois

Married September 2, 1874 to Dr. Henry Cook

Died sometime in 1913 from a fire

Ella Cook Patrick (8th Gen.)

Born November 4, 1880

Married June 16, 1910 to Karl Patrick

Died December 1969

Mira Meacham Patrick (9th Gen.)

Born March 7, 1911

Married September 19, 1931 to H. Leslie Vest

Died December 23, 1992

Douglas L. Vest (10th Gen.)

Born March 6, 19??

Married August 16, 19?? to Elizabeth

Still Living

Amy E. Vest (11th Gen.)

Born October 25, 19??

Married April 8, 1995 to Andrew

Still Living


Mamma has spoken said...

That's cool and interesting how your family has gone from the east coast and working it's way out west!

Mindee said...

You are SUCH a teacher. ;-p

No really that's fun. Thanks Amy and Happy Thanksgiving.

Amy said...


Life in the midwest started with Arabella and her husband Henry. They lived in New York and decided to set up a pharmacy in Nebraska. I can't even imagine what that move would have looked like. Dr. Cook was the first pharmacist to reside in this great state! He even employed a young girl named Willa Cather at his pharmacy. I love this kind of historical info!

Tracey said...

Really cool! Very fun information that you and your family should be very proud of. I mean, hey, I feel proud just to know you. :)

Amy said...

Tracey....You are so funny!

Trisha said...

Duxbury is such a beautiful New England town.

Katie said...

My maiden last name is Broeker...I ran across your blog and thought there may be a connection??
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