Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Days 311-315

I'm having a hard time coming up with things to take pictures of. I am trying not to have any repeats. That's tough to do!
Wednesday, November 4th - The kids are watching Nickelodeon. They usually don't sit this close to the television, but I requested a picture, so they all had to sit on the floor and close together.
Thursday, November 5th - Our first Parent-Teacher Conference night and we always go out to eat as a team afterwards. The gals decided to give me an exhausted look, which we were after a full day of teaching and three hours of conferencing. I, myself, had ten conferences tonight and all of them showed! Yay!
Friday, November 6th - The weather has been unseasonably beautiful! Andy is showing Tyler how to replace the pull cord on the lawn mover. Tomorrow it's time to do some yard work!
Saturday, November 7th - Beautiful weather continues, but Madison is wearing extreme summer clothing and it wasn't that warm! Funny kid! Grant and Madison are racking the leaves away from the fence, so Andy and Tyler could mow it up. I was the only one not doing yard work, my work was laundry instead.
Sunday, November 8th - Grant wanted to see one of his new favorite people...Grandma Betty. He's taken quite the fondness for her after his week's stay last month. Grant asked Grandma to visit and she couldn't resist, so both Grandma and Grandpa came for the day and got to see one of Madison's volleyball games.


missy said...

the exhausted pic with your team is hilarious. i can't imagine how LONG those days must be!

Mamma has spoken said...

I always look forward to when the night conferences are over! But I enjoy having the day off in March. Some schools in this area let out early on these days, not mine :o(

Teachinfourth said...

Parent teacher conferences...they can be quite draining.