Friday, November 6, 2009

Days 291-295

Okay...I am going to catch up this weekend on all of my blogs/posts. Hopefully!
Thursday, October 15th - Grant loves to sit by the computer and watch us play "Happy Aquarium" on Facebook. It's a mindless game, but kind of fun to watch. It beats having a real's free and it's easy to manage. LOL Grant says, "Mom, buy fish. Poke fish. Feed the fish."
Friday, October 16th - We found these pattern-like fall trees on the southside of Lincoln, so I took a picture. We really don't have any pretty trees (too young) in our neighborhood, so we have to look elsewhere.
Saturday, October 17th - I caught the kids watching Saturday morning cartoons. Madison didn't want her picture taken apparently.
Sunday, October 18th - Madison had a volleyball game. She's been having them for several Sundays, but the pictures never look very good. They play three sets and, I believe, they won one of them.
Monday, October 19th - It's Girl Scout night and the girls decorated Halloween cupcakes.

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