Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Madison's Writing

I just can't write a blog without including a picture. This one is one of my favorites from our trip. This was taken at a Character Dinner and Madison is with Drucella (the wicked step-sister of Cinderella's). The characters are a hoot since they stay in character the entire time you visit with them.

Anyway, I thought I would share a writing assessment of Madison that her teacher gave to me (actually a copy since it's in her file). I just love it and I'm giving it to you the exact way it's written...spelling errors and all. I must tell you that Madison is a far better math student than a writer, but I still found it quite adorable. The topic is to write a description and include many details. This is a third grade, quarter one hand written descriptive paragraph that she did in one sitting.

Madison's writing....

My bedroom is very prity like a rose. It's green, white and torkoist. The window was open just a crack. The two windows were rectangled and one was like a rainbow with sun cuming throw. My name was sown on my polow (pillow) with turkoist on the white and green polow. It (her name) was also painted with white on my wall. Thare are two shelfs white and light brown in two opist corners at the top and at the bodom. My bulletin board has pickchers of me and my cusen Kati, school pickchers and soccer game pickchers. I even have a dralling of my dog Ranger. I have a closet rite beside my dore. I love my room. It's my favrite place to be!


Mamma has spoken said...

What a cute passage she wrote. Keep it and pull it out years later. I've done this with my own sons. They don't remember writing them, but they always enjoy the stories I seem to have about the pieces.

Mindee said...

It's nice to know that all the hard work you put into decorating is so appreciated.