Sunday, November 1, 2009

Days 286-290

I'm a little behind....oops!
Saturday, October 10th - Zack and Kati (our cousins) came to our house for Grant's birthday party. The kids always have a great time being together!
Sunday, October 11th - Jalaine (my mom's sister), my Mom, Madison and I went to the Joseph Hall (Elvis Tribute Artist) concert at St. Mark's Church. Mom is absolutely smitten by "Elvis". Joseph Hall was on America's Got Talent last year. He put on a great performance. This was Joseph's first gospel style concert too.
Monday, October 12th - This picture was actually taken on Sunday for Grant's party, but I decided to put them on this day since it's his real birthday. Grant is now three years old! I picked this particular POTD because I thought Tyler's reaction in the background is comical.
Tuesday, October 13th - Grant is trying out his new Thomas bedding that he got from Grandma and Grandpa and he's also wearing his new jammies.
Wednesday, October 14th - This is what we do for fun! Ha! Actually, I prefer to get my hair colored at the salon, but there's just no time to do it. So, Andy is my beautician (nice hubby, huh?), which is funny to watch! I love seeing him put on the rubber gloves that don't fit his hands. Hilarious! Oh, by the way, don't tell anyone he does this. He doesn't like to advertise!


Anonymous said...

I need a color touch up!! Is Andy taking appointments??


missy said...

i was sad not to get disney pix yet until i got the the pic of andy coloring your hair. i'm impressed with your husband. how cute!

Mamma has spoken said...

Love that hubby does your hair! I wouldn't want hubby to do mine.....

Mindee said...

A ha ha! He needs an apron and a name tag that says "Brandi" on it.