Friday, November 6, 2009

Days 296-300

Tuesday, October 20th - It's a "don't want to eat at home" night. So, we went to Culver's and had butter burgers. I love their frozen custard, but after eating a burger I didn't have any room.
Wednesday, October 21st - Madison is very good about getting her homework done right after school. In this case, she started in my room before leaving for the day.
Thursday, October 22nd - Grant looked so cute just hanging out on the couch. Tomorrow he's leaving for Grandpa and Grandma's house for the week. He has no idea we are going to Disney World without him. (I do feel a little guilty!) We'll go back in a few years and we'll take him when he's a little older.
Friday, October 23rd - It's 4:30pm and we are done with work and packed for Orlando. Yay! Here we come for a fun, fun getaway!
Saturday, October 24th - We arrived in Orlando mid-afternoon, so when we got to our resort (New Orleans-French Quarter) the kids headed straight for the pool! Love that warm weather!


Mindee said...

Silly Amy, you eat the custard first.

I want to be in a pool right now.

Mamma has spoken said...

I have yet to eat at Culverts yet! It open at the end of October but every time I want to go eat there, my son won't let me!

Amy said...


You just will have to go without him. The pumpkin shake is heavenly and seasonal, so don't wait!