Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why I Teach

I am creating a "David Letterman" style Top 10 reasons why I teach....

10.  Where else can you dress up as a farmer and become the "Mother Hen"?

 9.   I feel a great sense of accomplishment when a student says, "Oh, I get it now."

 8.   I got my hair dyed almost black two weeks ago and truly hated it, but only 1 out of 21 kids told me that I needed to change it back to it's original color.  Most of them liked the Morticia Addams look!  

 7.   How many jobs do you get hugged daily?

 6.   It's never, ever a dull moment in kindergarten!

 5.  I am told more "gossip" in a day from 5 and 6 year olds that you'd ever get in any other kind of job. 

 4.   I can wear the same outfit week after week and no one ever notices or says...."Didn't you wear that on Monday?"  

 3.  They actually pay me for this kind of work!  Very gratifying!  

 2.  Where else can you have a spontaneous popcorn party at and still be considered working?

 1.  June 4th 2009 is the last day of school....need I say more?!


missy said...

this is such a precious post!!! how did i miss the black hair??? obviously your adoring fans loved it. i'm in there enough to know your job is challenging, but it is obvious that you do love what you do! that's a gift to your students and their teachers. and most of all, to you and your family. happy summer!!!

Mamma has spoken said...

Ah how true many of those reasons are! And where else are you not only a teacher but a cook, librarian, nurse, seamstress, artist,therapist, banker, (oh the list can go on and on)and get the appreciation that we get :o)

Mindee said...


You know, with all the info you get, you could blackmail as a side business.