Sunday, June 7, 2009

Days 151-155

Thursday, May 28th - Tyler is ready for school and messing around on his Razor scooter.  If he's not on his bike, it's this crazy scooter.  
Friday, May 29th - It's a beautiful night for a soccer game.  We are getting ready to play our first Lincoln Cup game against a rec. team from Lincoln.  We ended up winning 4-0!
Saturday, May 30th - Madison had two more soccer games today, which they lost both.  The second game against Gretna looked promising, but the girls got tired and lost the second half.  I love this picture of Madison.  It makes me think of Mia Hamm, who I think she kind of looks like.  Now, if she could only play like her...we'd be thinking college scholarship!  Oh, to dream big! :) 
Sunday, May 31st - I am in my classroom finishing up report cards.  Grant generally doesn't come into my room because he likes to destroy it, but Andy stopped by to help me remove labels from my tables (which I am very grateful for), so Grant played with one of my trains.  He loved it!   
Monday, June 1st - It's GNO night and Jodi picked eating at Val's Tavern in Valparaiso, which is 22 miles from Lincoln.  It was nice to get out of Lincoln for the evening.  Pictured:  Carrie Bode, Dawn Wright, Anne Holz, Lori Vancura, Lisa Ford, Allison Bruggeman and Jodi Vanek. 


Mamma has spoken said...

Ah, not to rub it in, but we can do our report cards on the internet and then the counsoler copies them both for the students to take home and those placed in the cum folders. The school also gave us a lap top to use at home, so I can do all this while watching tv. It's a great way to do the never ending paperwork.

Mindee said...

Hayden loves his scooter too.

Great pic of Madison. She looks very intense.