Sunday, May 31, 2009

Days 146-150

The days just seem to fly by......
Saturday, May 23rd - This photo was taken at the Orpheum prior to seeing "Wicked".  Fabulous show!  
Sunday, May 24th - We grilled steaks and asparagus on the grill.  We've never fed asparagus to the kids before and of course, they didn't like it.  Madison is quickly washing hers down with a glass of water.  
Monday, May 25th - Memorial Day - We spent the afternoon catching small and very small fish at Oak Lake.  
Tuesday, May 26th - The Clematis finally bloomed at our house.  Andy gets it confused with Chlamydia, which is just not as pretty!  :)
Wednesday, May 27th - I almost forgot to take a picture, again.  So, here's another one of Madison reading a bedtime story to Grant.  


Mamma has spoken said...

HA Ha washing it down with her drink, that was me when I was her age and to this day I refuse to fix that yucky green vegtable. Love the photo of your flowers. They really do look close to mine though yours looks more bushy and mine is more viney (or are those words any way?).

missy said...

i love asparagus!!! i'm impresse that they at least tried it.

Mindee said...

I hated asparagus as a kid but love it now.

Andy should definitely check his vocabulary before he starts talking plants!