Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Hot, Sweltering Game

Our nice neighbors came over on Saturday, giving us 5 general admission tickets to the College World Series in Omaha that they weren't able to use. Tyler was ecstatic to hear such wonderful news because he's never been to a CWS game before. I knew that there were two, possibly three games left and that Andy could not take off work to go to these games. to make Tyler's dreams come true? How about call the retired grandparents and they can take Evan, Dylan and Tyler to the game?! They agreed to the deal and even made it better by coming to Lincoln to pick up Tyler. Once they got here, my Mom, the fair weather spectator, convinced me to take her place. Looking back now on her part, that was one, very smart idea she had! Even Evan bowed out of the agreement hearing that the temps would reach the 100 degree mark.

So, it's off to Omaha we go...high's Grandpa, Tyler, Dylan and me...oh, no! The temperatures were sweltering, the parking was at least a mile away and the crowds were endless!
The three guys are approaching Rosenblatt stadium and I am noticing the crowds of people already at 3:15 pm standing in enormous lines for those general admission seats. Ugh! What have I gotten myself into??? The game starts at 6 pm. We stood in the line for almost 2 hours next to lots of hot, sticky, dripping wet people in very close proximity (including myself)! There are lots of things I can do well, but this is not one of them! Here we are in our seats (finally), which we did get good ones but they filled up super fast. We sat out in left field giving us shade about an hour into the game. The heat index at the game was 107 degrees! Thankfully there was a slight breeze and of course, snowcones!
The crowds appeared to be predominantly LSU fans, but there were Texas ones too. Notice the three girls who made their hair into long horns. If I wasn't so sweaty and tired, I would have gone in for a closer picture. I did see ESPN do some airing of their cool do's. Wonder what they used to keep the horn shape?!
Dylan is telling me he's bored and it's the top of the second inning. Too bad Dylan, we will be staying for a little while!
We didn't stay for the entire game....too draining and we wanted to beat the crowds, but we were delighted that we could say we've been to a game. (It's been since I was in high school that I've gone, but a first for everyone else.) However, we (minus Tyler) believe that watching it on tv would have been a far better deal. We came, we watched, we sweated....and yeah, LSU won!


Mamma has spoken said...

You all do look hot!!! As for the hair, they use wire to keep the 'horns' up. Or at least, that's how we did it when we would dress up as Pippy Longstockings.

Tracey said...

I don't know how you did it, Amy. I am a wimp in the extreme heat. I was sitting at one of Joey's games that night and I thought I might not make it. LOL

Mindee said...

I would rather throw up through my nose that sit through a baseball game in 100 degree heat - never mind standing in line on top of that. You are the NICEST MOM EVER!!!

Kristi said...

Ugh, I feel for anyone who had to be outside these past few days!! But fun for Tyler that he got to go to a game. I know my boys would love to go sometime.

Anonymous said...

Sure am glad that I 'bowed' out of this chance to see a baseball game. Actually it was quite nice watching the game on TV at Amy's house with Grant, Madison, Evan and Andy. We even had front row seats.
Mom Betty

RedCurlGirl said...

how fun! I love the CWS! i used to live in nebraska when i was younger and my dad would always take us :)

Anonymous said...

Dylan's CWS shirt is very cute. He loves it! Thanks, Aunt Amy!