Friday, June 19, 2009

Mustache Man

I thought I'd share a funny conversation I had with my oldest today...
Tyler: Mom, can I go over to Chase's house?
Mom: Did you know that you have a Kool-aid mustache? (I love to answer a question with a question, especially with him!)
Tyler: Yeah, I like it. It looks like a real mustache.
Mom: it doesn't. It looks ridiculous.
Tyler: Come on Mom...tell me it looks real. (laughs)
Mom: You are weird. No.
Tyler: Mom, can I go to Chase's or not?
Mom: Can I take a picture of you with your real looking mustache?
Tyler: Only if I can go to Chase's. (It's always about something for something at our house.)
Mom: Fine. And I'm going to blog it too. (snicker, snicker)

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