Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Days 161-165

Sunday, June 7th - We decided to put in a little retaining wall by our shed and create a flower garden. Since we are soon going on vacation we decided to hold off planting the flowers, but "Handy Andy" did get the brick work all done today.
Monday, June 8th - It's Jr. Saltdogs' baseball game night once again. They won 17-2...I believe.
Tuesday, June 9th - Grant's sandbox is ready to go and Grant is enjoying it. Used sandbox $5, sand $18 and amount of fun...priceless.
Wednesday, June 10th - We stopped in Alliance on our way to the Black Hills and saw Carhenge. I doubt I'll ever see Stonehenge in person, so this will have to do. Not too exciting!
Thursday, June 11th - Our family picture down about 180 feet into Wind Cave. A truly amazing experience!


Mamma has spoken said...

hehehe, paid more for the sand than the sand box. Sorry to tell you this, but you'll be buying sand again, and again, and again. Don't know where it goes but somehow little boys can make it disappear :o)

Amy said...


We thought it was great finding a wooden sandbox at a garage sale for $5. Andy figured he saved $20 just on wood alone. It's even funnier how much you have to pay for sand. It is so worth it since Grant digs up everything!

missy said...

i am claustrophobic just thinking about the wind cave! sounds like a great adventure.