Sunday, June 28, 2009

Days 176-180

Monday, June 22nd - College World Series - The boys are hot, but look sooo cool in their shades! Ha!
Tuesday, June 23rd - My kindergarten team got together at Raette's lake house for some fun. Here we are taking a boat ride at Big Sandy. Pictured: Raette, Cindy, Kerry and Sherri (Kristi is back at the house, Krista couldn't make it and I am taking the picture)
Wednesday, June 24th - Madison had a softball game tonight and she did great! She was a pitcher and caught a line drive and got two other outs while playing 3rd base. A fabulous game for Maddy!
Thursday, June 25th - I wish I would have taken more pictures when it was still light out, but I was too busy socializing. This was Tyler's night even after all his shots.
Friday, June 26th - Vacation Bible School was all week long and this is Jessi and Madison standing by the stage with the cool Crocodile Dock props. It was a fun week for all!

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Mamma has spoken said...

Baseball, boating and VBS. They make for a great summer!