Thursday, June 25, 2009

4 Vaccinations = 1 Home Run

Today I scheduled Tyler's 7th grade physical for school and football, which I wasn't thrilled about doing. I knew that Tyler had an 8:00 baseball game tonight and with shots and all that wasn't the best day for a physical. When I called in the appointment, I was told that today was the day (at 5:20) and there wasn't a better time to do it. The doctors are all booked and today was called "Sports Physical Day" where they schedule appointments every 20 minutes. Very personalized, huh?! Oh, well...I suggested to Tyler to take them on his backside and not slide into home plate or sit on the bench. Of course he thought that was ridiculous and took two shots in each arm reluctantly.

Now Tyler isn't the best of ball players, but he can hit a decent double and a few times triple, but has NEVER in his lifetime hit a home run until tonight. I barely caught the play....busy talking to another teacher at the game (imagine that!). So, I asked Tyler to reenact the play after the game. Tyler is a compliant child, but reminded me that it looks pretty dumb with no batter's helmet on and no other players around. He's right, but I NEEDED that picture! It's a historical day...home run and Michael Jackson's passing!
Then the coach even asked him to pitch an inning. We were up 17 to 2, so it was a safe call. Tyler did a terrific job! It was a great night for Tyler. Now I am thinking that those shots may have contained some speedy muscle growth hormones?! LOL


Mamma has spoken said...

At our high school they have a clinic that comes in an does all the physicals for all the sports in one day. Of course they schudule it when there isn't suppose to be any practices that day (but there usually is). Only cost $5.00 and well worth it especially when your insurance won't pay for sports physicals.

Tracey said...

Way to Go Tyler!!!!